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Cooper's latest


Copied off the front of the movie case (with Walter Matthau).

Drawn by Cooper, age 8 1/2. 
Cooper's words as he handed the drawing to me to see: "It's horrible, Mom."

Sometimes an artist is his own worst critic, no?

I, of course, told him that was absolute nonsense, and that I was going to put it on my blog immediately.

That got a shy grin out of him. Love that boy. 


  1. Oh my gosh that is awesome! I seriously thought that maybe that was a drawing from a book and you were about to tell us that he had dont something so funny!!! Tell him that is the best drawing I have seen in forever! I am 29 and can barely draw a circle! Sooooo I have to know did you get any boots? I was online looking last night and was totally thinking of you and was hoping you got some! There were some adorable ones! My post later today I am wearing a pair of black boots that are still available online at Target.

  2. Awesome picture Coop !! Totally looks like Walter Matthau and so does the little guy who played Dennis, So proud !!

  3. Jenny I've been looking online and can't decide! Think I'll have to see what's in the store again.

    Thanks for the comments on Coop's pic, made his day :)

  4. So cute! Love the expression in the faces. :)