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Awkward & Awesome Thursday


- those moments when your body totally betrays you and your eyes start producing tears on their own accord even though your mind is shouting, "don't cry, you ninny!" Stupid eyes.

Example: Yesterday afternoon my sister-in-law was MILDLY rear-ended as she was waiting to turn into the school parking lot to pick up her kids. I was a few cars behind her, found out right away that she was completely okay and 100% calm, pulled into the lot myself, and then my eyes just turned on the water works. Embarrassing, is what it is.

- Teasing a high schooler when they state the obvious about something, by laughing and saying, "excellent deducing skills", and  the high schooler staring at you and asking you to repeat yourself three times because they don't understand the word you said. Okay, it's not really funny the second time, and definitely not when you have to explain what it means.

- Unexpected morning callers who ring the doorbell when you are visible through the side glass window and can't run out of the room in a panic because you haven't got your bra on yet. Leading you to answer the door with the always graceful "lean & hide" move, you know, where you hug the half open door as you squish yourself into it and act all casual but really don't dare to move a single muscle.

- Calling your mother out on Facebook for referring to her youngest grandchild as grandson #4 when she only has three grandsons (I thought that was highly funny), and then being asked by another commenter why your mother was wrong when you have two boys and your sister has two boys. Oh yes, that's right, there are four of them. I momentarily lost count. My comment back: "I'm special." Sad, but true. 

- Having my Christmas shopping almost done by December 1st. Like, completely done. Yes, it's nice to not have to worry about what to get who anymore, but mostly I feel pretty darn awesome to be so on top of things when I'm naturally such a procrastinator! Hurrah, me! (I always enjoy hearty self-applause.)

- Having my daughter to help me in the church nursery last night when my husband couldn't be there. If I'd known she was so good at entertaining the kids and playing with them the whole time with her endless energy I would have fired Russ a long time ago. I was pretty much forced to play on my phone since she had things so nicely covered... ;)

- Watching Kendall open a card in the mail that contained $40.00, sent by a wonderful young woman who wanted to bless Kendall with money to go towards her American Girl doll she's buying all on her own. To say Kendall flipped would be an understatement. What she did was scream, lose her gum out of her mouth and have it land in her hair, run into the kitchen to show me what she got, trip on the steam mop, and sprawl across the floor. Pretty awesome ;)

- Listening to her genuine gratefulness to God for caring about her and blessing her so much, after another friend heard that she now only needed the money for shipping, and snuck it to her through me after church last weekend. Such a cool lesson at a young age... she worked hard to make most of the money herself, tithed 10%, and then was totally blessed with the rest.

- The two pans of pecan bark I made last night for the holiday bazaar I'm participating in this Saturday. It's GOOD STUFF, people!


  1. 1) Awesome testimony about Kendall.
    2) Pecan bark...looks awesome.
    3) Self praise. - Sanguines respond so well to the smallest praise. ( A lot of praise is way better however)
    In the light of being over looked by unsuspecting praisers,we Sanguines feel compelled to praise ourselves, lest the gift of "praising us" escapes the notice of those around us. ;D

  2. Love all your awesome awesomes!!! :) So exciting about Kendall's doll money! I want to see a pic with her and her new friend! :)