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What I Wore Wednesday


I'm linking up for another round of WIWW because old habits die hard, and since it seems like I've been doing this for forever, we're going to count it as an old habit of mine. At least 15 months old.

Luckily I count it as a good habit, since it helps me get dressed on an almost daily basis.

(Well, four times this week.)

Last Wednesday
Open house Thanksgiving class parties at my kid's school
Loft sweater, Target tank and jeans, Fred Meyer boots, Premier Designs bracelet.
Thanksgiving #1 & #2
Thrifted top & bracelet, thrifted Gap jeans, old belt, and Payless flats.
church, Thanksgiving #3 (we really like to party when food is involved)
Thrifted jacket, Target top, Old Navy jeans, Fred Meyers necklace, same Fred Meyers boots as above.
bible study
Old Navy cardy & jeans, Target top, gifted necklace, same old belt, same Payless flats as above.
Thanks for visiting, have yourself a great Wednesday :)

Oh, and as a follow up to last week's WIWW, no awesome boots were to be found during my Black Friday shopping adventures. At least not within my price range at the only four stores I went to. I'm sure you're as sad as I was... 

pleated poppy


  1. Ok, I'm sad because I didn't see you wear not one of those outfits. Which means, I didn't see you all week. But if I did, I would of told you. "Jodi, you always look so cute!" I love them all friend!

  2. I love how you paired the blazer with jeans. Such a cute look!
    I also love the outfit you wore to Bible Study, so adorable.
    Your so cute!!!

  3. Tuesday's outfit is my fave this the color of that top!

  4. I love Tuesday's outfit!!! You did a great job dressing yourself this week!!! :)


  5. All very cute! I love the plaid blazer and that red ruffled shirt in the last one! Stopping by from wiww!
    Fit, Fun and Fashionable after 40

  6. Love the gray and white combo in the first outfit. :) Sorry about the boots... but when you find the right pair, you'll know it! :)

  7. I love Sunday's outfit! Jacket looks amazing on you.

  8. Bummer about the's always when you intend to find something that you can't.

    Adore that new thrifted jacket. Seriously, jaw dropped.

  9. Love how clever you were taking a super self portrait the outfit and the red tunic, cute puppy in this weeks shots ;D

  10. Cute outfits as usual, love Thursday's and Tuesday's outfits. Super cute.

  11. I saw some boots at Payless on Saturday and didn't buy them. I am still regretting that decision!

  12. I had the same quest for boots. But, then I found them at DSW. It was like a light radiating on them, beckoning me to purchase. Oh, and I did! You too, will find that true boot love! :) I love your Thanksgiving outfit. THat little top is darling. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think I am your newest follower. :)

  13. I'm always so inspired by your outfits! My sister and I are fellow Oregon bloggers and would love to have a bloggy meet-up sometime.

  14. loving that plaid blazer! it never ceases to amaze me how you find the most interesting pieces through thrifting!