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What I Wore Wednesday


Hello and Happy Wednesday, friends!

I have plenty of outfit pics this week so I'll get right to it.

left: Target dress, ModBod tee (Costco), thrifted Gap jeans, belt & shoes.
right: Old Navy tunic & scarf, Shade tee, Walmart leggings, Costco boots.

left: Target sweater & jeans, thrifted turtleneck, Walmart boots, Fred Meyers necklace.
right: Costco sweater, Target blouse, Ross skirt, thrifted belt and same boots.

left: Target sweater (Yes, again. I like it :), Costco plaid shirt, thrifted Gap jeans, not sure about the hat, and ebayed Uggs. (Like how I just made ebay into a verb there?)
right: Target top, same Gap jeans AGAIN, thrifted Steve Madden flats, gifted bracelet & earrings.

And let's not leave out my dapper little man, dressed for church and feeling snazzy!
Calvin Klein sweater vest, Children's Place shirt, Target jeans, hand-me-down shoes.

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  1. Oh cute Target sweater and I love the stripes underneath!

    Have a super week!

  2. Looking great this week as always! I love all of your Costco finds!

  3. Shut the front door - those Steve Madden flats are thrifted??? They're fantastic! Love your boots too - all of them rock.

  4. You guys look great!

  5. All the outfits are cute, but I LOVE the brown sweater...

  6. You look great- I love them all! I think the first is my favorite. Your little guy is so handsome. He looks so cute in that little sweater.

  7. Lookin' good! Love the grey striped sweater outfit and your little man is adorable!

  8. Love them all - you really know how to layer girl! And your little guy is adorable!

  9. your outfits are always so adorable. I love the striped grey sweater, it's so cute. Your little man is adorable. I love little boys in argyle. So cute. Reminds me I need to buy a bigger one for my little man since he outgrew his.

  10. ooooh I love all the pattern! and your little man is precious :) Such a big grin!

  11. Your little man looks so handsome! :)

    Love your Target sweater... I'd wear it all the time, too! :)

    And I love that you find clothes at Costco, too. Sometimes they have really great stuff, huh?

  12. I found you on Pleated Poppy's link up.

    I want your style.

    Therefore, I will now be following you and stalking your WIWW to help me because I need serrrrrious help in the fashion dept!!!

    Thanks for being an inspiration! I knew we were soul sistas when I saw the "I'm awkward and awesome" button. That's sort of my life motto. :)