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What I Wore Wednesday and a movie trailer


It's slim pickings this week, folks. Only four outfits and nothing to get excited about either. I think my picture taking skills are getting worse too!

What I am excited about (and I mean SUPER excited) is this...

Have you read the books? The movie doesn't come out until next March so you have time... get cracking!

And now back to my ho-hum outfits.
Thrifted dress & shoes, Old Navy jeans, Shade tee, Target hat.
Target sweater and jeans, Old Navy shirt, Walmart boots, scarf bought at a Saturday market .
Loft sweater, thrifted tunic and Steve Madden flats, thrifted Old Navy jeans. Necklace was a gift from Hawaii.
Kohl's sweater, Old Navy dress, Walmart boots, necklace from SarieJune on etsy. 
Thanks for visiting, everyone. Happy "only one week till Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping!" (Yay :)

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  1. Oh, I don't think you're ho-hum! Your version of boring is cuter than most people's dressed up! Those boots are super cute:)

  2. I love your second look! I'm going to have to try and recreate that!

    CANNOT wait for the movie! The books are SO GOOD!

    And the video yesterday cracked me up :) he's got some moves!

  3. I like your layered, drapey sweaters! And the green scarf is so cute! Thanks for the book recommendation! :)

  4. Your always so adorable! Thursday & Friday are my faves. That green scarf is fantastic :)

  5. I don't think you could be ho hum if you tried. You look great! Last outfit is my favorite and I love the yellow necklace with stripes.

  6. If you are ho-hum, then I need to get someone to check me for a pulse! haha

  7. These are all darling outfits! You look great!

  8. You're super adorable ALL.THE.TIME!! How and why did that gene pool skip me? WHY??????

    And bring on the hunger games... I fully intend to be there opening night (with you) on a fabulous double date or triple (Jana).

  9. I'm also excited for the movie! Cute outfits, my favorite is the second one.

  10. I really like that checkered shirt with the sweater.
    And I can NOT wait for Hunger Games...its going to be SO goooood!

  11. Thanks for the comments, guys! I guess I was feeling in a slump about my outfits - just one of those days - but you all broke me out of it :)

  12. I have to ditto everyone else and say your outfits are great! You always do layers and accessories so well!

  13. I love your sense of fashion! It's so cute but still really practical! And I hope you don't mind but I'm totally copying your Thursday outfit! I even have the same Walmart boots! Thanks so much for sharing!