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So what happened with the broken doorknob?


Did Russ ever come home? Did Blake ever get out? I know you're all wondering ;)

So to recap the end of this post from Monday night: Russ was gone playing basketball, Kendall and Cooper were sleeping in my room, and Blake was in his bed, unaware that we'd broke the doorknob trying to open the door and he was essentially locked in.

At least he's sleeping, I thought.

But then he woke up. And needed to go potty. And couldn't get out. And I couldn't get in. And he cried. A LOT. And I almost did too, trying to calm him down after he wet his pants. And I still couldn't get the darn door open. So I talked poor Blake back into bed. And tried to call Russ or anyone else down at the gym. (Why don't men wear their cell phones while out on the court anyway?!) Finally I sent a last ditch text to my brother-in-law asking him if he was at open gym to send my husband home.

Turns out he was and he did.

Which is why 5 minutes later Russ came roaring down the driveway, strode through the front door, bee-lined it to the back bedroom, and before I could even explain that Blake had fallen back asleep, he had THROWN HIS WHOLE BODY AGAINST THE DOOR AND BROKE IT OPEN. Just like in a TV show.

A man of action. That's who I married. 

While quite impressed, I can't say that I was actually pleased. We now need a new door as well as a new doorknob!

But at least Blake could get in a pair of dry pajamas. And Luckily he didn't remember a darned thing in the morning. And if nothing else it turned into quite the joke between Russ and I as he sheepishly admitted he may have overreacted JUST A TAD.

I plan on getting a lot of mileage out of that one ;)

(I would also just like to point out that as you can see above, there were no screws or anything in the knob to help me break in, and no door hinges on the hallway side of the door either, so I wasn't being a door-breaking wuss... really, I wasn't!)


  1. A little panic there Daddy? His concern and love for his chidlren and their safety is no evident in that broken door!
    You so totally should have utube'd it girl - how to break in! LOL

  2. I can so picture Russ barreling down the hallway and slamming into the doorway...for his ego's sake, I'm sure glad it broke and didn't just bounce him back into a collapsed pile on the floor!

  3. Jodi I laughed so hard, I had to call Tom and tell him the story. So funny. Not so fun for Blake and you at the moment, but what a great memory.


    Hi, I've been lurking your blog for a while and I can't help but comment on this - I had such a good laugh! What a manly man! And oh yes - you'll get mileage out of this one for years to come :)

    Suzy xxx

  5. That sounds just like Russ! one time one of our kids got stuck in our walk in closet (it's a long story!) and i couldn't get them out and Erik was at work 20 min away. I panic, Erik didn't and came all the way home and took him about 30 seconds to get them out. My hero!!