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My favorite veteran


In honor of Veterans Day, I wanted to talk about my Papa, a World War II vet.

Harold Dale Wilson
This man was and will always be one of the most important men in my life. He passed away less than two months after I got married, and my Nanna says my upcoming wedding was the only reason he held on as long as he did.

I will always remember...
- His favorite snack: molasses flavored graham crackers in milk.
- His blue chair that he would never let Nanna get rid of.
- His amazing painting and beautiful finish work that he was known for, even with fused wrists from years of arthritis pain.
- The hope chest he built me for my 18th birthday.
- His vegetable garden.
- Playing pictionary with him and his frustration when no one could guess a particular drawing, "oh, fiddle!"
- His laugh.
- His famous meatballs.
- His most well-known exclamation, "well, shoot, Jeannie!" (that would be my Nanna ;)
- And my favorite... "What in tarnation?!"
- His love for the Lord and his family.

Yesterday I visited his grave site with Nanna.
It is an honor to be buried here, and it is breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL. 

Overlooking Portland.

My beautiful Nanna. 

It was such a special day, one I won't forget for a long, long time. 

I am thankful for all of those who have served our country. And I am thankful for the one I knew and loved so well. 

 I will see you again in heaven, Papa. 


  1. Well shoot Jodi... now you've gone and made me cry.


  2. A great tribute to a great Dad. Thanks.

  3. Well that made me all tear up !! sniff sniff. Like Dad said, a beautiful tribute and wonderful photo's . Love you.

  4. Jodi You can never know how much all of this has meant to me. Our day together was a treasure that money can't buy. Thank you for the beautiful and loving way you chose to remember and honor your PAPA on Vet's Day. Your pic's are awesome and so are you. I'm sure I heard Papa agreeing with me and and maybe even saying, "Oh shoot jodi now don't make ME cry too, cause you know there is not supposed to be tears in heaven". I'm also looking forward to a reunion in heaven with ALL my loved ones. ALL! I Love love love you my little darling, Thank you again for a glorious day. Nanna

  5. Papa was great man! I will never forget that blue chair either and ow much I loved coming over to watch the Bulls play basketball on Sunday nights in the winter!
    I can't wait to dance around with him and his arthritis free hands someday!