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Monday confessional


Things are going downhill pretty quickly with the whole "our puppy is a pet, not a toy or a baby" idea.

(And by downhill I mean we've jumped off the cliff with both feet screaming, "wheeee!")

She goes everywhere with us.
Sleeps on our bed.
Lays on the couch.

And now it's come to this:
Oh dear.

Now, I'm not saying I bought this for Miley myself.

Or this:

But I"m not saying I didn't squeal a little in excitement when I saw them. And try them both on her immediately.

(Gosh darn it, they're cute as all get out! Thanks, Mum :)

Go ahead and shake your head in shame, we understand.


  1. If Miley had liitle booties on she'd be ready for Montana weather! Super cute Jodi!

  2. Oh Jodi...I have jumped in as well our hound dog is in our "Family Pictures" :) oh boy! love Miley's outfit.

  3. Oh, girl, you are too funny! I think Miley looks super cute and very happy in her wardrobe! She is rockin' the little vest I say! :)

    Take care!