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Hello, Insta-Friday


This week has flown by. Instead of blogging the past two days, I've been busy painting, grocery and Christmas shopping, attending my daughter's basketball game, hosting a visit from a friend, and catching up on some much needed sleep.

(Difficult to do when you're also reading two books and not wanting to miss this week's episodes of Survivor and The Office!)

Now I'm back with this week's phone pics, which I'm linking up to Jeannett for Insta-Friday
life rearranged

Target & Starbucks, a winning combination. Our Target happens to have a Starbucks inside, making it virtually impossible to resist. Well played, Target, well played. 

 Miley and buddy Max (the Doodle dogs) all ready to watch the Ducks/Vanderbilt game at our friends, the Nofs. Oh ho ho ho he ha .

Our favorite place in town to get Mexican food. Not joking. It's so good and the couple that run it are so sweet. 

 Blake down and out with a fever last weekend. Didn't matter what was going on around him, he was OUT COLD.

Kid also got a bloody nose out of the blue. What the heck? He thought he was COOL BEANS walking around with a tissue up his nose though, didn't phase him a bit. 

And look, more Blake! He accompanied me to the MAC counter at Nordstrom this week and thought the makeover chairs were just perfect for him. Fine by me... better to keep him out of touching

Ummm... delicious! Good in coffee or hot chocolate I've found. It's sad to admit, but I am the person that will have a cup of coffee just for the creamer, not the caffeine.

And on that sweet but pathetic note...
They're back and I'm in trouble!!!

Have a great weekend everyone :)  


  1. Ahh if only we had a Target with a Starbucks I would be in heaven! We have the Starbucks, but not the Target. Boo. And I drink coffee more for the flavor/creamer too. Right now I'm using Hazelnut. The Christmas treats have already taken over our house. I've gone through a bag of mint m&m's and almost a small carton of egg nog. :)

  2. My daughter often gets a bloody nose when she's sick. (It doesn't happen to my other kids, though.) Wonder what's up with that?!

  3. My brother would FLIP OUT if he knew you ate at the taco truck. Actually I know a lot of people that eat there, but my brother has a particular phobia of food prepared in trucks.

    I am also one of those people that drinks coffee for the creamer and not the caffeine. I would have a cup right now just to have my peppermint mocha creamer and the caffeine wouldn't affect me, but then I'd have to get up at 3 am to go to the bathroom I'm just not.

  4. We have a Starbucks in our Target too - I agree, very smart! I don't typically use creamer, but that one might get me to start!!!!

    I also could not help but smile at the "tissue in the nose" picture. My little guy gets bloody noses a lot and we do the same thing, he calls them "plugs." Now whenever he gets a nosebleed he starts yelling that he needs a plug.

  5. I LOVE when Targets have a Starbucks in them--it's like the Mothership x 2. best idea ever:)