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Blake gets his groove on


You guys. I uploaded a video clip. Small fries for most. Big fat baked potato for this non-techie mama!

(Also, I may be hungry.)

I give you Blake, the dancing dude.

My favorite part, besides his awesome dance moves of course, is when he tries to copy Russ's finger snapping, can't figure it out, and then claps instead without stopping his performance. Smooth!

(In case you're wondering what THE HECK we're listening to, it's a preset DJ track on Kendall's keyboard. Blake loves to get one started and then go get his groove on :)

(Oh, and please ignore the giant pile of stuff to the left... evidence of my massive clean sweep of the kids' room!)


  1. That kid can dance! Must have learned that from one of his crazy grandparents? Seems like Carol and Teri had some moves like that when we performed for a family Christmas night.

  2. Best moment of my day... and I'm sure I'll watch it several times today. Can't wait to show Hayden, he'll love seeing Blakers get his groove on!