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Another day in the life of DRAMA MOM!


Blog brain has hit.

That means I'm tired and I don't have much to blog about tonight. Unless you want to hear about my not very exciting but excessively loooong day today which was mostly spent driving. To TWELVE locations to be exact; running multiple errands, attending a meeting, going to parent/teacher conferences, picking up and dropping off and picking up again various children, running even more errands, etc. etc. By the time I arrived home for the last and final time, at 4:30 pm, I had actually made myself carsick. Carsick! (I never get motion sickness.)

To top it off, at one point during the day Miley jumped off my lap and out of my car window WHILE I WAS DRIVING. Fortunately I was turning into a subdivision in town and was only going about 10 miles an hour, but still. I about had a heart attack. She doesn't seem to be hurt at all, thankfully, unless you count her feelings because, oooh, did she get in trouble for that one. (And then I was forced to break my vow against coffee stops to get a a peppermint white mocha to calm my nerves.)

(You haven't heard about that vow because I only made it over the weekend.)

The evening ended on a happier note however. Kendall and I took on the boys in a rowdy game of Pictionary after dinner and totally DOMINATED. It was pretty awesome. Even though at one point Kendall drew a lovely bale of hay, with a horned cow head and a farmer holding a pitchfork as clues, and all I could guess was, "The devil! A fiery pit! Satan's minions! IT'S HELL!!"

Seems the effects of my day hadn't quite worn off yet.

After the board game Blake went to bed and Russ left to play open gym basketball, leaving me with a calm house and sole use of the computer while Kendall and Cooper quietly watched a short cartoon. After it was over they did their bedtime chores without dawdling and kissed me goodnight and I was all set for the bliss of a silent evening all to myself.

Until their bedroom doorknob stuck and they couldn't get in. So I rolled my eyes and came to help, and broke the doorknob completely, while the door was still closed. With a sleeping Blake behind it. Which led to me wasting a solid 10 minutes trying to break in using nothing but a bobby pin and a pair of tweezers - quite unsuccessfully.

Kendall and Cooper are currently asleep on my bed and I'm waiting for Russ to get home. I need another mocha. 


  1. Made me chuckle. Glad you didn't run over your cute little pooch. You didn't tell us what Kendall was trying to get you to guess when you went through your satanic tizzy?

  2. turns out the hay bale actually was a hay bale, Tim.

  3. Haha... I can picture the game playing! Someday we'll have to meet and have game night... I like to dominate, too. But in a good way! Not overly competitive or anything! :)