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What I Wore Wednesday


It's been a pretty good fall here in Western Oregon so far... the rain and cold temps have held off for the most part and the last couple of days in particular have been extremely lovely.

Too bad late warm weather (mixed with cool nights) seems to bring out all the ladybugs and boxelder bugs. Two days ago there were none. Today there are hundreds. Hundreds!! I spent half an hour last night vacuuming up about 40 of them from the walls (inside walls!) around my kids' bedroom window - where they seem to be able to sneak in no matter what. Yes, it's extremely disgusting.

Sadly not a plus to living in the country.

(This has nothing to do with my outfits, just thought you might like to share my pain...)

Last Wednesday
(co-teaching a class at church)
Old Navy cardy, Shade tee, Target jeans & bracelet, Walmart boots, Forever 21 scarf
Thrifted cardy (Old Navy), Old Navy dress, same Target boots, Sariejune necklace
(And that would be Blake chasing Miley around and around my legs. Yes, life here is a zoo.)

Kmart tee, Target jeans, Fred Meyers boots, Sariejune scarf, Maurice's bracelet, Old Navy earrings
Target dress, jeans and boots, very old belt, gifted necklace from Mexico
(teaching a parenting class in our home - hence the lack of shoes) 
Old Navy cardy, Target tank, thrifted jeans (Gap), Romy necklace
And that's it for the week! Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope yours is bug free :)

Linking to The Pleated Poppy. 
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  1. Love the gray-striped shirt with the gray scarf. It looks so comfortable, yet totally appropriate.

  2. I got the same "cinnamon" Target dress!... adorable. Casual chic... as always...

    xoxo Nicky

  3. I absolutely LOVE the dress you wore to church!!! Awesome!!!

    You are always super cute!

  4. oh my goodness so cute! I love every single outfit!


  5. Love the outfits! My MIL get box elder bugs really bad and they were told to use Ivory soap to spray the house down every time there were bugs out. May be worth trying!

  6. love your red dress. Gorgeous on you!

  7. I'm very serious about you becoming my stylist!!! I love the way you dress! :) We don't live too far apart I don't think...

  8. I love the boots and layering in the first 2 outfits! Super stylish!

  9. I love the way that you mixed blues and reds this week! I'm going to have to see if I can do some combos like that! :)

    I love that you teach. I like to teach, too. What class are you co-teaching at your church?

  10. Love all of your different boots! I need to check out those wal mart ones!

  11. Cute Jodi. Loved all of them, especially your Wednesday cardy and of course the Sunday dress.. Loved Monday..mostly got a kick out of the bare feet :D tee hee hee

  12. I really love the red dress church outfit - so stylish!

  13. Love all the outfits, but especially the red look great in red!

  14. Thank you, everyone!!! What a lovely comment day :)

  15. Every outfit is perfect. I want your closet please!

  16. Wednesday's outfit was my favorite. The blue and red are great together and i love your boots (can't believe you got them at walmart!)