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What I Wore Wednesday


I'm back to WIWW after a hunting/camping trip hiatus. (You didn't want to see those outfits - believe me.)

It seems a week off was all it took to get out of the habit of taking pics though... I did remember on these days, but mostly not until night time, when a grainy, yellow picture was the best I could do. Ah well!

Target dress, Walmart boots and leggings, Old Navy cardy, SarieJune necklace, thrifted belt
 Sunday morning
Thrifted Target jacket and LOFT skirt, Walmart boots, Old Navy earrings
Sunday evening
same boots, thrifted Target dress, Old Navy necklace
LOFT sweater, Banana Republic top, thrifted Old Navy jeans, Old Navy flats & earrings
Old Navy cardy, Target top & sandals, thrifted Gap jeans, bracelet and earrings from Hawaii

Hope you're all having a most excellent week of fall weather! 

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  1. Those are great boots. Love all of your outfits!

  2. Hahaha! I read it wrong. I thought you said it was a HAUNTING camping trip, lol!

    I love the Sunday outfit with the denim jacket and yellow print skirt. So cute and love the touches of yellow you added to some of the other outfits too.

  3. Love the pattern on your Loft skirt, and all the little pops of yellow in this post. Did you get through Mt. Laundry? :)

  4. I wish I was wearing your Monday outfit. You look so cute and comfy and I really love cardis that can wrap around and be kind of like a blanket. Not to mention its the whole look!

  5. Oh SUNDAY! So adorable. I love yellow right now too!

  6. It's hard to keep it chic every single day but you totally pull it off! Love how you accessorize!

    If you're interested I also host a weekly link up with @BonBonRoseGirls & @Momtrends on Monday.This week we're giving away a professional-grade ceramic flat iron:

  7. super cute Jodi. I am having top envy for your aqua blue tank from Tuesday. Love!

  8. I like the jacket from Sunday and may have to call you for a consult some day soon.

  9. Love the loft skirt and jacket outfit. So so pretty on you!

  10. I love all the outfits you put together! Always so stylish and simple! My favorite this week is the Target dress. Too cute!

  11. Love all your yellow accents...they look great on you!

  12. I really love your Monday look - the light colors are very flattering and it looks so comfy!

  13. Oh cute Sunday and Monday.

  14. you're so cute and so are you outfits. Love your Sunday morning skirt the colour is great.

  15. You have great style! As I scrolled through the pictures I kept saying, 'oh that's cute... oh that's cute... and so on' What a fun find!

  16. Always so cute! I love the pops of yellow on you! :)

    Take care! Oh, hows the puppy? :)