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A Thursday list


- The best thing about fall is pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin strudel muffins from Costco. And wearing my Uggs again. They complete me.
breaking them out at hunting camp
- My camping laundry is only halfway done. I'm a laundress failure!

- Kendall had her last volleyball game on Tuesday and a cute little awards ceremony afterwards. You may not have known she was even playing this year as I don't think I mentioned it... a direct result of failing to remember to bring my camera to, giving me no pics to blog. Well I remembered it for her last game, but quickly found out I'd forgot the memory card! *face palm*

- Our Fall Scrap Around the Clock starts tomorrow and I've been busy, busy, busy taking care of last minute things for the event. It's going to be so fun! (And sleep depriving!)

- Miley the dog is going through this stage where she sounds like she's dying every time we leave her. Her cries are that hysterical. We hear the same thing as soon as we return and it takes her awhile to calm down and realize "Oh, they're staying". It's really annoying... Dog Whisperer advice, anyone?

- Yesterday we had to teach one of our children the painful lesson of calling a friend to say you can't come to their party after all because you waited till the very last minute to START a book report that you'd had two weeks to work on. It was not very fun, but it's a good lesson to learn!

- The sad thing is I had a class to co-teach last night, a class I'd known about for two weeks, and when did I prepare? Yesterday AFTERNOON. Someone needs to teach ME a lesson!

- In my above sentence " report that you'd had two weeks to work on." What is you'd short for? Did I make it up just now? Does it mean you had had? Because that doesn't make sense. But taking out the had after you'd doesn't make sense either. Lisa? Lynn? Help me out my friends.

And with that confusing last point, I'll leave you. Happy Thursday, All!


  1. You'd is short for "you had" OR "You would"

    So really the sentence could have said "You would have had...." meaning you're missing a "have".

    In other news: Can't wait for SATC... bring it!!!!!

  2. I remember one summer a few years ago the woman who lives behind us that we rarely talk to came out one day when I was outside. She came out to let me know that when we leave the house, she can hear one of my dogs barking/crying the whole entire time we are gone. From then on we made sure to close our windows when we left and a neighbor hasn't complained since. No advice here, just a sympathy story. Good luck!

  3. so sorry for said child and the book report): some how in the wonders of life my got his done with no prompting by mom. somehow though I'm still suspicious about it! (does that make me a bad mother?!)

  4. Tricia, Gary and I lol @ your comment we used to have the same suspicions about first 'Said' child's father. Turned out to all be true- there is hope after all.

  5. Jodi I am only two loads away from climbing MT St. Laundry.
    I also have your yellow jacket trap!