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No art reproductions sold here


The new American Girl doll catalog arrived last week, and just like that Kendall's love for all things AG was rekindled. By bedtime she'd fallen so in love with the doll of the year, Kanani, that she'd vowed to save enough money to buy her before she was no longer available starting 1/1/12.
That's not very far away. And girlfriend's broke. So I lightly laughed in a "oh, you're cute honey" kind of way and then wished her well on her venture, being the super supportive Mom that I am.

Kanani hasn't left Kendall's mind though... she has been asking relatives for work, offering to do odd jobs left and right, and yesterday came home with a list of money-making ideas that she worked on with some friends at school (Kanani is suddenly quite popular in the 5th grade.)

I find the list EXCEPTIONALLY adorable.

While we're working on idea #1, 4, 6 (with Mom's help), and 8, I'm not sure about #2, as the weather has been in the balmy mid-30's every morning and besides that, we live out in the country where not a person walks by.

And idea #5 sounds like a lot of work. Especially since we don't own a single puppet.

But idea #3? Hands-down favorite. Sell original artwork? Brilliant :)

And for #7, while I have no problem with it, I just want to make sure people know what they're getting into...
Makeup by Kendall
You've been warned.


  1. Oh my adorable niece, how you warm my heart. I think I'll pass on the makeup tips... but Auntie has some bags of pop cans that are all yours!

  2. Cute list. See if she wants to make and sell the Worlds best banana bread .. or small bags of no bake cookies :D got to admire her drive !! ( no make-up for me, though I doubt she could make a worse job of nail polish than I do myself.) We're on the "pop-can' band wagon.

  3. Such a cute post! My daughter adored those dolls when she was little. She's a big girl now (13 years old) and sadly for me they don't interst her. Now she just likes boys...ewwww!!!! You gotta give your gal credit though, at least she realizes you have to sometimes work for what you want!!!

  4. I just love that it's *some* people's nails and make up. I mean, how does she choose? Are my nails good enough? ;)

    But why oh WHY are those dolls so expensive? My girls were saving up for them until they got distracted by $40 rollerblades. Ha!

  5. So cute! My daughter has been saving for the same doll. So far she only has $31 and she's starting to feel like she won't save enough before Kanani is gone. It's so sweet to see them set their minds on something, isn't it?

  6. Amanda it makes me so proud to see her so determined... I think we'll have to "help" if she doesn't get enough ;)
    Thanks for the all the comments (and laughs) everyone!

  7. That is so cute! She's got a lot of good ideas there! And she's highly motivated... I'll bet she'll do it! What about making and selling friendship bracelets or duct tape wallets?