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Monday confessional: forgetting to pray


A week ago Sunday Kendall lost her glasses while getting ready for church. Not just the "set down and momentarily misplaced" kind of lost, but full-on lost, as in, a week went by and numerous thorough searches left us empty-handed.

Every day that went by I grew more and more frustrated that Kendall couldn't find them, because she really needs them to see well, yet every day I forgot to simply pray and ask the Lord to help her find them.

That's embarrassing to admit because I lose things all the time, and usually pray immediately for help finding them, and then do. Like, ALWAYS. Yet my daughter loses something and instead of praying like I would for myself, I get upset with her... for a whole week! 

But here's why the Lord is super-awesome cool.

Last night as I was praying with the kids at bed time I remembered the missing glasses and prayed out loud that we'd find them. Then I prayed that God would give Kendall a picture in her head of where to look (because I knew she'd looked everywhere), and that she'd find them and know that she could hear the voice of God and that He was always there to help her. I finished by praying for sweet dreams, and then turned out the light and went away, not giving the matter another thought.

Until 45 minutes later, when Kendall came out of her room grinning ear to ear... "Mom, I was just laying in bed and God put an image in my head of where my glasses were, so I turned on the light and looked there and THEY WERE THERE!" The look on her face was priceless. She was simply amazed. And I'm sure my face looked the same because I was too! Not 45 minutes after praying! Um, Hello God - you are too, too good!!

And I can tell you that where she found them is not somewhere I would have ever looked... they were on top of the air conditioner unit in her bedroom window - behind the blinds and the curtain - completely hidden out of sight. (Why Kendall ever thought this might be a convenient place to put a pair of glasses we'll never know.)

So now Kendall can see properly again and she has an awesome testimony to share to boot, besides learning that she can confidently hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. (Which answered my prayer, encouraging me greatly at the same time.)

I'm pretty sure I won't wait a week to pray next time. ;)


  1. Love, love, LOVE! Way to go Kendall, this is exactly what they mean by, "train up a child in the way they should go..." I can't wait to hear her tell the story.

  2. What an awesome story to share!! So glad that you posted this! I can totally relate to forgetting to pray and ask Him to help us in the small things. Funny how He can use those same small things to show us how BIG He is! Glad you all found the glasses, but even happier that your little girl had this amazing experience of feeling just how much He cares for her!

  3. Thats awesome Jodi. I love that you teach your kids to hear the voice of the Lord and that they in fact do! What a great living example you are. Love it!!!

  4. Oh Jodi, your story, Kendall's testimony, I see a glimpse of God's friendly heart!

  5. Got to hear this first hand this morning..was thrilled beyond words..what an awesome testimony and what an awesome God we have. I'm sure Kendall's faith put a smile on His face, (even though He'd been waiting all week for you to ask! )

  6. In Kendall's defense, she put her glasses where little brothers would sit on, step on, or wrestle on them. :) Therese

  7. oh geeeez... where little brothers would NOT sit on, step on... etc. oops

  8. Good point, Therese. I should give her the benefit of the doubt ;)

    Thanks for all the comments guys!

  9. Yes, God does care about the little things. I'm so thankful for that! :) Glad He showed you the way to the glasses!