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Making do in blah weather


It pretty much rained all weekend. Here's how we made do...

Ran to the video store Friday afternoon to pick out a movie to watch with the family that night.

Came out of the store with not one, but five movies.

Sent husband a text to give him the heads-up that I lost all self-control in Blockbuster.

Smiled when he replied with an "Awesome, good job, babe!" (Someone's a fan of the movie-watching.)

Enjoyed ourselves a three-movie marathon Friday night.

Left hubby and the boys home Saturday morning and took daughter on a girls-only outing to the nail salon. Fresh pedicure for me, first professional manicure for her. (Kendall also charmed salon owner into giving her two new bottles of polish. I don't know how she does it.)

Went to freshman niece's district volleyball tournament and watched some excellent games, rushed the court when niece's team won two matches - making it to the state playoffs, then beamed with pride when she made the all-tournament team. AS A FRESHMAN.

Watched fourth movie that night at brother and sister-in-law's.

Arrived half an hour early to church Sunday morning to take our first turn as official door greeters.

Received an INORDINATE amount of teasing for actually being at church on time.

Indulged in Chinese takeout for lunch then watched fifth and final movie before crashing for a solid two hour nap because, all the work we accomplished this weekend! Phew!

To sum it up: I didn't mind the rain one bit.


  1. Sometimes rainy days make the best days! Glad you all enjoyed your weekend. 5 movies in one weekend- you folks must really be movie buffs. I don't think I've watched five movies in the last year LOL!

    Congrats to your niece & her team!!!!

  2. "Almost" being the operative word! :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend... you just forgot one thing... what movies did you rent?! Any good ones to suggest?

  4. Yes! Do tell what movies you rented. I don't take the time to watch too many movies so they ones I watch need to be good. :-)

  5. Well I can't say there were any knock-outs but we were thinking of the family and screening some for the older two...
    The new Winnie the Pooh - cute.
    The Zookeeper - good kid one.
    the newest Pirates of the Caribbean - we liked it, but didn't let the kids watch.
    the newest Transformers - better than the 2nd but surprised by how much language.
    and The Green Lantern - sad to report it's pretty lame - with yucky bad guy/thing.

  6. My husband is the movie watcher around here. Usually I sit beside him and blog instead. :-) I think he's seen most of these, but we will definitely need to check out Pooh with the kids. (We have 5!)

  7. Jodi, it crossed my mind to mention the on time church thing but I restrained and was pleasantly surprised to see your lovely face greeting one and all! Nice job new door greeters:)