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Late night Monday confessional


If you aren't facebook friends with me you may not know that I was featured on a blog today.

(If you are facebook friends with me you couldn't have missed the news because I flaunted it shamelessly. It was a pretty exciting moment for me.)

I actually found out last night this was going to happen when Hayley from Tiny Twig emailed to ask my permission to use my pictures. (Isn't that lovely and respectful?) She told me how she found my blog and explained what she was doing, and mentioned that she'd read my "about me" page and had a son named Cooper too, and that hers was three.

I replied back as quickly as possible, basically answering, "HECK, YES" to using my pictures, and then to end my letter on a friendly note said that we loved the name Cooper and that ours was three too, and highly energetic. I then sent my reply off and went to bed in a lovely daze, because as little of a deal as it may seem to some, I was completely tickled pink about it.

Unfortunately when I woke up this morning and re-read my email reply, it was only five kinds of embarrassment I felt. You see, you may or may not know this, but my son Cooper is EIGHT YEARS OLD. I do have an energetic three year old, but his name is BLAKE. Which is nothing like Cooper at all.

Apparently when I get a little excited I forget who my own children are. Niiiiice.

Which leads to my awkward moment of the day: emailing a second reply to explain my mistake... as if a stranger visiting my blog one single time might have noticed and wondered about that!

Good grief.


  1. AWESOME! I am so excited for you that you were in a featured in a blog! :) P.S you looked cute in your guest appearance.

  2. I some how missed nearly a week of your blogs!! did that happened..oh wait ..Grandchildren. Love catching up..cute cute coat, condensed milk on ANYTHING is awesome..but better just on a spoon ;D Congrats to Russ for winning the 4 on 4 !!. and lastly can't wait to see the new ensuite.

  3. Hey there, "everywoman"!! I liked your feature! :) And I love the sense of humor that always shines through your writing voice! :)

  4. I know that we are Friends on FB, but I missed this exciting news! Omgoodness. Once again I am proud to say, I know Jod a La Mode. and I laughed out loud about your Cooper funny, so you!