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late night Monday confessional


About 5 years ago (totally guessing, it could be 4 or 8, but you get the drift) we bought a new-to-us side by side refrigerator from a couple upgrading to stainless steel. Everything worked perfectly and we were in love with the magic of ice and water dispensed right from the door. (And the color, white being a huge improvement over our old peach model.)

About a year passed by when the inside light bulbs burned out on both the freezer and fridge side. Very much a pain when opening the fridge in the night to search for a late night snack. However, I assumed that I needed some kind of special "fridge only" light bulb to replace whatever was behind the little plastic shields in the back where the bulbs were housed, and never took the time to find out where to get them from. Until I was so used to no lights in the fridge/freezer that it didn't bother me any more. And I eventually forgot all about it.

And years went by. 

Until this evening, when the plastic shield fell down on the freezer side and I saw that a regular ol' 60 watt light bulb was what had been hiding there all along. Dumbfoundedly I checked the fridge side and discovered that sure enough, it took the same kind on that side too. 

So I replaced them both and the new lights worked instantly. 

And I realized I could have replaced them any time over the last 4 (or 3 or 7) years. 

Which turned out to be a wholly embarrassing moment. 

Procrastination doesn't pay, people. 

Lesson learned. 


If your fridge has burned a light,
And you're not sure how to make it bright,
Don't wait, 


  1. Ha Ha- I so had to LOL. This is something I would totally do. Glad to know you can now shed a little light on the subject!!!

  2. that's almost like Amy's 205 story, almost!

  3. Love the rhyme ..I'm supprised you didn't call Mrs Mc Gyver all those years ago!!! it looks like a whole new fridge now ;D

  4. This inspired me to change the bulbs in our refrigerator that have been burned out for 12 to 26 years?

  5. Hey, guess what?! The one above my stove is a regular bulb too! :)

  6. Hurrah, Lisa and Tim! Maybe my airheadedness has done some good :)