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Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- My brother-in-law calling at 6:00 pm to give us the heads up that he's coming over to pick something up... making it clear that the notice is to ensure Russ and I have all our clothes on. Ha ha Erik. That only ever happened THAT ONE TIME!
- Trying to nonchalantly tell my husband about the new boots I recently purchased quite spontaneously. "Honey, I have a little confession to make..." I begin. He interrupts, "How much money did you spend?". Well when you put it that way no answer is going to sound very good!
- The neighbor that lives across the fence bringing our runaway dog back home (she's still little enough to squeeze through the farm fencing, and they have cats. Enough said.), and telling me off like I'm trying to get her killed. Similar to a trip to the principal's office... I was both humiliated and guilt-ridden.
- Attempting to delicately probe my growing daughter with questions as to whether anyone is making fun of the hair on her legs and if it bothers her... and her response, "Noooo. Why, Mom, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM?!!" I need a manual please. Obviously I don't know what the heck I'm doing.

- Kendall making Reese's peanut butter bars from scratch. All on her own. I just tried one for breakfast... they're delicious.
- The fact that Kendall got her recipe from her dentist. Who says dentists these days have to steer their patients away from any and all sugar?
- Introducing my kids to The Cosby Show on Netflix. All 8 seasons! We spent the first night watching the different dancing intros from each season and now Kendall and Cooper have fallen in love with the Huxtable children and can't get enough of them. And who could blame them?

- Raising boys. Last night Cooper asked if he could make a mound of fake mucus, showing me a recipe in a kid's science book. As this came right after Kendall asked to make a chocolate dessert, I just had to laugh. (And thankfully we were short two ingredients so I could say no!)
- Enjoying a little sweetened condensed milk on top of my breakfast cereal. A trick I learned from my mother. Haven't tried it? You're missing out!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Ha! These are made me smile! I just had to comment about the hair on the legs thing. My daughter is 10 (I don't know if your daughter is younger or older, or what), and she complains about the hair on her legs. I ask if anyone that she knows shaves their legs yet, and she replies no (and I'm thinking GOOD!). I just keep telling her that once she starts, she can never she should hold on to being a little hairy for a while longer until she starts feeling really uncomfortable about it. My point is that girls talk at school, and your daughter will come home someday and tell you she WANTS to shave her legs because the girls at school are talking about it. :) Thanks for all of your fun thoughts. :)

  2. Alright, now you're just MOCKING us! ARE YOU GOING TO SHARE THE RECIPE FOR THE REESES BARS OR NOT?!? :) I'm starting to hyperventilate!

  3. lol...funny thoughts exactly
    and- I think I will follow erik's advice and be calling you-woohoo!

  4. Lisa, thanks for your great advice! My daughter is 10 too, and I'll definitely wait till she says something... and then put her off for as long as possible! ;)
    Kirsten, what a crack up :) Ok pay attention because it's reaaaallly difficult: 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of powdered sugar, and 1 cup of softened butter. Mix till smooth and spread in 8x8 dish. Melt half a bag of choc chips and spread on top, then refrigerate till hardened! (Eat cold, they soften pretty quickly.)

  5. madison told me she thought she needed to shave her legs (and to tell you the truth i thought she did too!)how ever since she is only in third grade that will not be happening anytime soon! Plus i have already been through this with her melonchaly sister so I figure I can take her!!:)

  6. nothing wrong with some fake mucus. ha!