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I'm on day three of Russ being gone hunting and holding up great - thanks to plans (including the next 4 as well) with one girlfriend or another. Love my friends!

It has also helped immensely that Russ has been able to find a tiny hole of cell reception on a peak in Hells Canyon, Oregon and has called me the last 2 nights in a row to chat. 

Reason #342 why I love my hubby: he's a great phone talker.

But on to What I Wore are this past week's outfits:

Last Wednesday
(church meeting)
top: H&M (Goodwill), belt: rummage sale, shorts: jean cutoffs, wedge sandals: thrifted, bracelet: bday gift, cute yellow earrings that you can't even see: Old Navy (they matched the shoes perfectly)
(grocery shopping)
dress: Old Navy, cami: Shade, sandals: Target, bracelet: Premier Designs

(date night!)
tee: Shade, skirt: Gap (Goodwill), necklace: Old Navy, sandals: Payless, bracelet: thrifted
(outdoor wedding)
olive green tank: Shade, skirt&belt: Maurice's, flower pin: Sarie June, same sandals and bracelet as Thurs.
dress: Dress Barn, sandals: Payless, bracelet: bday gift
(prayer, Dr. visit, Mum's for afternoon/dinner, meeting)
dress and sandals: Target, tee: Shade, leggings: Walmart, belt: yard sale, infinity scarf: bday gift
(daughter's 1st volleyball game)
sweater: DKNY (Costco), jeans and flats: Goodwill, necklace: Old Navy
The end!
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  1. Loving all of your colorful pieces! Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday are my favs! What great friends you have! And HOW awesome to have a talkative hubby ;)

  2. I love your Costco cardi (since I have the same one in gray/black, lol!)

    You know, I'm really starting to like the color yellow. I never wear it because it makes me look gross. Maybe I just haven't tried the right shade yet!

  3. Ooh really love the last outfit - the cardigan is so cute!

  4. I'm loving that yellow ball necklace in in your outfits... and the pop of color you put in your shoes... ADORABLE!

    I really love each one... I can't pick this week.

  5. Love Tuesday's outfit. I bet you were the best dressed mama at the soccer field. The yellow necklace is so pretty, too.

  6. Nice score on the H&M shirt and I love your little yellow beads! Fun! Ok, Hell's Canyon does not sound like a good vacation! Glad he's called to let you know things are going ok! :)

  7. Great find with that ruffled H&M shirt! Super cute!

  8. You're so cute, I love them all! I love the mustard necklace and the pop of color on the saturday outfit! so cute!

  9. cute outfits! i love them all!!

    Jenna Duty

  10. That top from H&M is so neat looking very cute! I really like that maxi dress...oh the comfort those exceed! I really like that Target dress with the leggings! Some very cute outfits!!

  11. I love that dress from Target... so adorable. You have great style, girlie!

  12. Glad you are holding up well! It's hard being away from the hubby. I hate when mine is gone.

    I love Saturday's outfit & Sunday's Maxi Dress is GORGEOUS!!!

  13. Ok, Im going to say that my favorite is the Tuesday outfit.. because I bet you were the best dressed mama at the volleyball game! lol :) You look so pretty in all your outfits and I love how you add those pops of color!

  14. All very cute! And I just love your hair! xoxo, Shanna

  15. i REALLY liked all your outfits.

    the old navy dress with the orange accents was a great idea!