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What I Wore Wednesday No. 60


Here's my outfit recap from the past week...

(shopping, errands)
dress: Sunriver (@the 12.99 store!), cami: Diviine Modestee, sandals: rummage sale, necklace: Bass outlet, bracelet: Premier Designs
(camping at Foster Lake)
dress: Old Navy, cami that you can't see but I promise is there: Diviine Modestee, sandals: Target
Saturday & Sunday
(playing at the lake)
 swimsuit: Fred Meyers, coverup: Goodwill, tank: Aeropostale, shorts: borrowed from sister-in-law (Adidas), sandals: Costco (Adidas)

There is almost nothing sadder than realizing you have a full-on elbow dimple at the age of 32. Darn it. 

(Happy Labor Day! Home from camping)
tee: rummage sale, capri's: Fred Meyer's, sandals: Target, sunnies: Walmart
I broke my Target sunglasses while in Sunriver two weeks ago so I bought these before we left for camping. If there's one thing better than $15.00 sunglasses at Target, it's $10.00 sunglasses at Walmart!
(kids first day of school)
dress: Old Navy, leggings: walmart, tee: Shade, sandals: Payless
Looking a bit tired from the earlier wake up time... yaaawn!

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  1. Hi there! Stopping by from WIWW. You look so cute in everything!


  2. You were the best dressed gal at the lake, weren't you? You always dress so cute, I'd love to raid your wardrobe, lol!

  3. You have so many great dresses. You wear them well. I need dresses that are comfy but not super dressy. The first dress and silver sandals is my fav! PRETTY!

  4. wow! Im so impressed you wore a dress while camping! And about the elbow dimple.. I've got it too so it's not just you :)
    I'm really likin' that last outfit with the dress and leggings. Very cute!

  5. Coming atcha from WIWW. I'm your newest follower :) I'm loving all your outfits. Hope to see ya around my neck of the woods ;)

  6. Stopping by from WIWW you look great in all of your outfits!

  7. love love love that first dress! Great pattern.

  8. Lovin the dress with the leggings! Super cute!

  9. Oh, you always wear your sundresses so well!:) Hard to believe the kids are back to school already, isn't it?

  10. I'm loving your Tuesday tunic..but it's a toss up with the Thursday dress..way cute . And the tee and capri's ( best background.foster extra = smiley Milely ;D

  11. Such a cute striped Old Navy dress! So comfy and perfect for summer.

  12. Love the striped dress! Looks like you had fun!

  13. I too am a fan of wal-mart sunglasses. I also like forever 21 for $6.80 or something.

    I love your striped dress on "Monday" outfit.

    xo Nav

  14. LOVE that dress you wore Thursday!!! You always look so cute. Don't worry about the elbow dimple. I'm 32 and have dimples everywhere (that aren't supposed to be there) LOL!