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We camped


How to recap our weekend of camping with our church at Foster Lake?


Gorgeous weather. 

Swimming, games, relaxing, good food, great friends... it was awesome. 

My picture taking was not so awesome. I was too busy playing.

Also not awesome: coming home with a stomach bug. From about 3 pm yesterday afternoon until 5 am this morning I was as miserable as one would expect a person that had to spend half the night in the bathroom to be, and it was a struggle to get up and ready to take the kids to their first day of school today. 

We made it though!
entering the 3rd and 5th grade
And with the older two gone the house was crazy quiet. Just me, Blake, the dog, and the camping laundry. 

Lots, and lots of laundry...


  1. stomach buqg yuck! hope your better! how is the laundry going? that is always problem when we go on trips! how was the kids first day of school?

  2. The laundry is going, and going, and going! I think it's going to take a full two days. The kids loved their first day!

  3. Great looking kids ! awesome shot of Russ in the air..the dog beside Miley looks like a sorry you had a tummy bug :( not nice at all...hope the 10 day forecast cheers you up.

  4. Love all of these dresses! Super cute!

  5. Your children look absolutely adorable for their first day of school!!!

  6. Camping is absolutely one of my fave things to do! Looks like you all had sooo much fun!

    Sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope you are feeling much better. You did a great job getting the kiddos ready for school. They looked adorable!!!!