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Over and out


Today's the day. 

We're off to deer camp in the Starkey wilderness and I'm saying goodbye to television, the internet, cell phone reception, and any hope of my family keeping high standards of proper hygiene with only the water we bring in with us for use.

But I'm saying hello to this...
Lots and LOTS of this! (Reading Jane Eyre for the first time in 2009.)
And this...
Camp nestled in the beautiful Oregon wilderness.
As well as yummy baked goods,
hikes with the family,
watching the cousins play together and entertain themselves for hours and hours outdoors,
and listening to campfire stories!

These are my fave pics from our last trip two years ago:
cousins Mark, Lizzy, and Debbie Grandle with Kendall and Cooper - excited about SNOW!
Hunting with Aunt Cara (or more like "attempting" to hunt with Aunt Cara, because with 5 children in tow it's never likely to be either quiet or successful)
 I loved our last trip and am so looking forward to a relaxing and laid-back week away from the hustle bustle of life. (Thanks in large part to the big ol' generator that keeps the trailer nice and toasty and without which I would not even consider going to camp because, did you see the snow??)

So adios, friends! Be back in a week! 


  1. Adios !! ..I may be pear napping while you're gone ;D Have a wonderful time.

  2. I hope you have a fantastic time!! Looks like some good book reading and fun to be had!

    I don't like camping, but I love going to camp. Is that weird? I think I just hate being cold in a tent, but it looks like you have a nice trailer to take care of that! :)

  3. I'm with Linda - I can't do the whole tent thing, but it looks like you have a pretty amazing set up. Enjoy your time away!