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My life on repeat


After sitting down to blog last night, a small rodent ran out from under our new addition door towards my computer hutch. I moved instantly ("slight jump" might better describe it), and it quickly turned tail and ran back under the door, leaving me to shudder and wonder why my mouse traps never work. 

Then it came back out and ran UNDER my computer hutch before I could stop it and I spent the rest of my time on the computer sitting with my feet up in my chair and wondering why things like this always happen while Russell is away. 

I felt pretty sure I even blogged about that exact thought around the same time last year so I set out to see if I could find the post I was thinking of. 

(After investigating tiny rodents online that is. I'm pretty sure it was not a mouse but a vole. Gross and disturbing either way.)

Anywho, after reading through last September's posts (in which I didn't find the post I was thinking of but got seriously sucked into reading them all nonetheless), I've decided that my month is playing out almost exactly like last year, in a very uncanny way, and it's weird. 

Example#1: right before Russ left for hunting last year we went out on a date night, were seriously delayed leaving and had to change our plans, met up with another couple and went to a movie, and came home at 2 am. 

This year, (last Friday to be exact) we went out on a date night, were seriously delayed leaving, changed our plans, met up with another couple for a movie, and then shopped at Winco at midnight and came home at 2 am. 


Example #2: Last year my sister and I took our Mum out to a movie and the Olive Garden for her birthday, where we stuffed ourselves on breadsticks and alfredo dipping sauce, and then I got their seasonal pumpkin cheesecake to go, snuck it into the movies to nibble on, and then ate the rest for breakfast. And blogged about it.

While out on our date last Friday, Russ and I went to the Olive Garden, stuffed ourselves on breadsticks and alfredo dipping sauce, and I again ordered a pumpkin cheesecake to go, eating some in the theater, and finishing the rest for breakfast the next day - as I just blogged about on Saturday. 

I sure love my desserts don't I?

Example #3: Remember how I just blogged about scheduling Blake's 6 months overdue well-child Dr. visit and finding out that I was 6 months overdue last year as well? And then I forgot his birthdate, became flustered, and put off scheduling his 3 year pictures for a bit longer?

Apparently I was still procrastinating his 2 year pictures last September as well...

Very interesting.

Example #4: Last week we came home from family camp after getting a flat tire on the way home. Not 2 miles out of camp in fact. 

I forgot all about this, but last year the exact same thing happened coming home from camp, not 2 miles from home! 

What on earth? Is this eerie or what?

Okay, not really eerie, just comically similar!

Final example: I blogged about keeping busy and having fun while Russ was on his hunting trip last year, and getting surprised on day 2 with a phone call from him here

Last night, after a very busy day in which I was not home for more than a total of 2 hours during the day time, Russ called me out of the blue, surprising and delighting me. 

I say bring on the repeat September :)


  1. I think you have entered the twilight zone... start the creepy music. So did Russ get a big bull yesterday? Common' you can tell us.

  2. No she can't tell, Tim and you know it! Nice try though:) However, if she did charades in answer to our questions than that wouldn't really be telling, right?!

  3. That's some weird deja vu! I have never heard of a vole! But we just got a hamster and it's escaped from it's ball twice which freaks me out! :)

  4. I find myself doing the same things from year to year as well.. maybe our minds just go on auto pilot sometimes? :)