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Life update


- I haven't lost any weight since my cousin's wedding in July. There. I said it. Here's the bottom line: I need someone else to ask me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding STAT. 

- My Chevy Tahoe died. And it will not be resuscitated. According to our trusty mechanic, the engine is gone and not worth replacing. This wouldn't actually be that sad of news to me if it weren't for the fact that we are supposed to be leaving for a camping trip tomorrow and need a vehicle to pull our camp trailer. Oh, the irony!

- The good news is that there is a strong possibility that I will soon be the proud owner of a much-newer-than-my-13-year-old-Tahoe Honda Pilot. I say strong because there is one sitting in my driveway right now. We haven't actually bought it yet, but it came home to play and take a little visit to said trusty mechanic, and things are looking quite promising.

- School starts next week and besides the awesome hand-me-downs and yard sale finds we got this summer, I've bought Kendall one pair of jeans and Cooper two pairs of shoes and some dress slacks (for chapel days). My plan to somehow fit in any more back to school shopping in the 2 days between our Sunriver trip and our camping trip this weekend was obviously foiled by the dead vehicle problem, but the real problem was of course the plan in the first place, who was I kidding??

- Strangely, I have not been stressed by any of this. AT ALL. God has shown His faithfulness to us too many times for me to doubt Him now.  

- Miley the dog is as charming and adorable as ever and we were so glad to be reunited with her after our vacation this past weekend. I'm so excited to take her camping with us... she is an excellent car dog :)
And an excellent couch dog too.
 - Kendall's watercolor won a blue ribbon at State. Such a fun honor for a 10 year old!

- Cooper has discovered the joy of making "rabbit ears" and has grown addicted. I feel like the mean mom telling him to put down the bunny ears all the time, so sometimes they stay. And really, who are the ears hurting anyway?

- Blake is still Blake. Hilarious. Cute. Charming my socks off daily. Exasperating me to no end daily.
photo by Be Photography
 - The add-on work continues! No tile in to take a picture of yet but the tile guy has been working here for 2 days cutting and preparing... it's going to look amazing. 

And that's the life update!


  1. Remember that song..'I keep falling in love with him (them)over and over and over and over gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by' that's what your blogs do...:)

  2. You say you haven't lost any weight, but you're looking so great! I thought you looked tiny in your WIWW pics!

    Hope everything works out with the car & vacation!

  3. Sorry about your Tahoe. We had a Tahoe as our rental in Chicago a couple weeks ago, it is most definitely now my dream car. Hubs is most definitely not on board with me getting that big of a car, boo. Hope your cars issues resolve quickly.

    Love the bunny ears :)

  4. I love life update posts :)
    I think you look fabulous.. and I hear ya about the car situation. My hubbys truck is in the shop right now.. car troubles used to give me lots of anxiety but I've learned that He will see us through it as long as I give my anxiety to him.
    Your litte dog looks like a stuffed animal.. and I think all kids go through that bunny ear phase. I've got 2 of them right now in it :)

  5. I have a honda pilot and it's the best car ever! You can't go wrong with a honda!

  6. I have gained about six pounds (because I haven't been using so I need to get back to watching what I eat....sigh!

    Glad you're getting (hopefully) a new car so soon!

    I hate that he's away at college but at least he's not too far away. I sent him a facebook link about watching the Swifts return to the chimney, it looks awesome! Have you done the Swift watch?

    Your kids are adorable and your daughter looks just like you!

  7. Car problems are always frustrating and sometimes they get the best of me. Your dog looks fake in that picture? Are you sure its still alive:-) Nice painting Kendall, the girl of many talents. I have to admit, I hate bunny ears. I think I've scared (threat of losing their fingers) my kids into not doing them. Blake, Blake, Blake... Looking forward to family CRAMP (lots of friends and family in tight quarters).

  8. Wow! Kendall got a blue ribbon..that's awesome..STATE fair !!! what an honour proud can a Grandparent get! Buuny ears..yeah not my favourite..but Coop definitely...a "B" I tell you that kids is a charmer...wait till he gets to school !

  9. Kendall's painting is amazing!! I would totally buy it... looks like it was done by a pro! :)