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He's home!


Nothing shows my true love for my husband like getting this close to him in a picture before he has showered after hiking and sweating in the woods for 8 days straight. 

I even kissed him a time or ten too. 

The kids and dog didn't seem to mind at all, God bless them.

After Russ said goodbye to his hunting buddy Tyson (seen here goofing off for a pic)
(And then running out of arms reach when Russ realized what he was doing... boys!)

we had a lovely family evening together. 

Which made it easier to break the news to Russ that we don't think Miley will ever be much of a companion for him as a hunting dog...

Based on the relationship she made with her new best friend while he was gone. ;)


  1. Looks like the new dog may be a deer lover? Throw her a piece of venison and see what she does.

  2. Tim, you are just baaaad!.

    Good to see our tird child home and safe!

  3. Glad to see your hubby made it home safe & sound! I don't blame you, I would have been kissing my hubby too if he was gone that long (regardless of his lack of hygine)!

    Ha Ha @ Miley- I love it!

  4. Had a chuckle at your line about the picture..that was perfect!!