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Fall TV (and a birthday wish)


The Office (one of my favorite shows) returned to TV last night and right off the bat I cracked up because it showed the Dunder Mifflin employees spending the summer planking... something we spent part of our summer doing too. 

Even Blake got in on the action
I never posted these pictures here, but boy were they (ours and many others) all over Facebook! The small fad phase has come and gone already and it made me laugh to see it mentioned in the show.

Other shows I love: Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory, and American Idol. And possibly the X Factor, which I haven't actually watched yet but will because I'm a Simon fan and am prepared to love it from the get-go.

Shows you will not find me watching: Dramas. Family dramas, medical dramas, crime dramas, sci-fi dramas... I've tried them all and I don't know why but I always get bored of them. And if they involve crimes that I even slightly fear in real life it's a no-go right from the start. 

Among the many things my best friend Jana and I share, is similar TV interests, so we spent a good hour or so last week pouring over the Entertainment Weekly Fall TV guide to "scout" out possible new shows. We tried out two that evening, gave them both thumbs down reviews, and since then I've checked out several more, and am relieved to say that only one made the cut to be on trial viewership. Frankly, I just don't have the time to add any more!

(As it is I already have to watch Wednesday's Survivor episode online because I missed it. What did we do even do before the internet??)

(Oh that's right... VCR's. Well I don't miss 'em.)

And now that I've dragged out discussing my TV watching preferences, something I'm sure you're all very interested in, lets change subjects. I wanted to say happy belated birthday to my amazing mother. She is one of my bestest friends and is quite possibly the fittest Grandma I know.

Carol "legs" Wilson

So fit, that next year she is leaving for 3 months to hike the upper half of the Pacific Crest Trail - one of the three longest hiking trails in North America. (It goes from Mexico to Canada and takes about 6 months to hike from start to finish. Our family decided we couldn't let her go for that long though so Mum has vowed to do it in sections until she's completed it.)

Mum's birthday was yesterday but I didn't get to see her because my parents were out of town. 



I don't think we could have topped that so it's possibly a good thing we couldn't see her. I get to see her today though and am excited to see what small present from the Islands she may have bought me I mean, I'm excited to give her our small present NOT from the Islands!

Welcome home Mum! I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday, you deserved it! 


  1. They went to Hawaii? wow. Your mom is a jewel..a 'cut' diamond. My favorite is your crossed out expectations of a gift...perfectly imperfect as usual Jodi-B'Dodi!

  2. Love those reality shows too! I didn't want to like X factor because it has been done before, but of course, I got sucked into the stories :)

  3. Thank you Jodi..I was touched..being the words person I am. ( thanks for using a flattering pic too) I cracked up at the crossed out line you you.

  4. Planking?? What in the world?? I forgot the Office was coming back... I have to catch up. :)