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The eagle has landed!


"Eagle" being my new car.

It is AMAZING how quickly and easily we found the Lord found us a new car.

I mean, it practically fell into our laps the way everything worked out, including our bank just happening to mail our Tahoe title out Wednesday, and it arriving in the mail yesterday afternoon, enabling us to trade in the Tahoe and bring home the Pilot before leaving for camping. From the very beginning we decided to pray and trust the Lord for His direction, and He led us to a wonderful Christian couple, a smokin' deal, the best car buying experience Russell has ever had in his life, and what I'm pretty sure is going to be the perfect vehicle for us.

So... Yeah, God!

Here's what I'm excited about:
-3rd row seating
-rear A/C for the kids
-heated seats for winter time :)
-driving a nicer looking vehicle. I'll admit it. I'm a bit shallow. 
- properly working power steering that doesn't go out on corners! 

Here's what Russ is excited about:
-saving $$$ in gas!
-the awesome price
-saving $$$ in gas!

Here's what Kendall is excited about:
- kicking her brother to the back row to avoid being pestered by him non.stop.
- back seat power plugs for the portable dvd player and Nintendo DS.

Here's what Cooper is excited about (and this is a direct quote):
- "You can stick your hand right through the headrest and tickle the person in front of you to annoy them!" 
- He brought this fun fact up at least 3 times, and tested it twice. (Note to self: stick Blake's seat behind mine.)

And here's what Blake is excited about:
- the passenger windows go all the way down, not just 1/3 or the way!
- Blake discovered this all on his own and promptly threw his celebratory milkshake cup out the window. (2nd note to self: watch 3-year-old like a hawk for the next couple of weeks to make sure nothing else goes mysteriously missing while driving.)

So we're all happy, and now I just need to get used to searching for a different vehicle in parking lots (walked right past it at Walmart last night and then couldn't remember what color blue it was!), and remember to turn the headlights on at night, because unlike the Tahoe, they don't come on automatically when you turn the engine on, and it only took me getting flashed by at least three other cars before I finally figured it out ;)


  1. I too have a 3 year old who likes to throw things out car windows. You know those random shoes you see laying in the street and you wonder "where did that shoe come from?" There's a very real possibility that it belonged to my son.

  2. YAY for you! God does rock!! Sounds like you have got an awesome new ride! Happy for you! Hope the camping trip went great!

  3. Congratulations on your new car! Enjoy it with your beautiful family!

  4. Sweet ride, girl! Isn't it fun how excited the kids get about all the little doodads?? :)

  5. Cracked me up about Blake throwing his cup out the him like a hawk ;D two words = window locks.