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Don't forget the entertainment!


We leave tomorrow for a week long family vacation/hunting trip into the Eastern Oregon wilderness, and for the past 24 hours we've already been in full-on pack mode. 

(When you are traveling hours away from civilization, running water, and electricity, it is important to not forget things like food & water, warm clothing, and the all-important bug spray. It pays to be thorough.)

Last night I worked on one particular area of importance: my reading selection. When we made this trip two years ago I read 6 books in a week, and I plan to at least reach that number again this year, if not exceed it... so I need good material to work with. 

It's not a matter to be taken lightly. 

After much thought, back cover reading, browsing, some word-of-mouth recommendations, and a couple of very spontaneous kindle purchases that we're going to keep on the down-low (*ahem*), I've narrowed it down to 10 titles. 

(You never know what reading mood you're going to be in for so it's best to have variety.)

7 paper books (collected mostly from yard sales this past summer) and 3 new additions to my kindle.
Can you believe that Russell rolled his eyes when he saw this stack? Doesn't he know that good books are a serious matter? Actually he does now because I told him so. 

I think I've pretty much covered my bases. Spiritual teaching, Christian romance, suspense, drama, biography, NY Times bestsellers, criminal comedy, a period piece, it's all here. And I've got my bug spray, so I'm good to go!

Looking forward to diving in soon... wish me luck :) 


  1. Whoa, 6 book in a week?? I can't read while in a vehicle, it makes me sick. I hope you have a lot of fun on your vacation!! And no matter what, something always seems to be forgotten, good luck to you!!

  2. One day when my kids are older THIS is what I'll be doing on our hunting trips. And I'll look forward to it sooooo much. Right now it's so much work that I'd rather stay home. Good luck to the hunter and stay warm!!!

  3. Thanks guys! Amy it's so true... something is ALWAYS forgotten (or in my case usually 5 or 6 somethings), but we seem to survive anyway :)
    Shiree I hear ya! Two years ago we left our youngest behind because I could not see the fun in a cold weather trip with a 1 1/2 year old. Your day shall come!! :)

  4. Why u want to leeeee-veeeeve me?!?( Quote from My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

  5. You sure didn't get your love of reading from me.. ;D I sure admire you for it though.
    ( course we all know I wouldn't make it through ONE book ha ha ha )

  6. You friend are certainly ambitious! Can you believe I haven't read a book in years. What ashame, I know. Seems with two kids now reading just doesn't happen. Hope you enjoy your trip. Oh BTW- I agree, bug spray is SUPER important :)

  7. You're killing me - titles, please.

  8. I wondered if anyone would want to know... here you go, Lisa!
    The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy - Penelope Wilcock
    Heaven is for Real - Todd Burpo
    One for the Money - Janet Evanovich
    A Bend in the Road - Nicholas Sparks
    Rainwater - Sandra Brown
    A Touch of Grace - Lauraine Snelling
    The Condition - Jennifer Haigh
    Tramp for the Lord - Corrie Ten Boom
    The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman - by Ernest J. Gaines
    Unmerited Favor - Joseph Prince