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The car that smelled


After Two trips to the mechanic and one trip to the auto detailer, the dead mouse in my new car has been located and disposed of! Woohoo! I know you didn't know anything about this (because I haven't mentioned it before), but you guys, the new vehicle stuh-unk. We knew it had been sitting for a while before we purchased it and that the vents needed to be cleaned out, and we were willing to take that on. However, we didn't know it would be this tricky and take this long. 

Our mechanic was actually taking care of quite a few little things we wanted worked on, most of them engine related, and he was quite dismayed to find out after calling to update me on the car's progress that I could care less about any of that, all I cared about was THE SMELL, MAN! 

He and my husband actually didn't think it was that bad... but my bionic smelling nose that I gained during pregnancy and that has never fully gone away could tell that something was still there and I wouldn't let it go. Not after visit one to the mechanics, where it was certainly improved, not after getting even better after being detailed, and not before going back to the mechanic to take apart the console between the front seats that housed the vent to the 2nd row to investigate further.

WELL. I'm glad I didn't let it go, since we now have a dead rodent body to prove it. Aha!

I can finally fully enjoy my new Pilot, without having at least one window partially rolled down at all times.

It's the small things in life, isn't it?

On a 100% completely unrelated note - I would like to show you this picture. 

I don't really know what is going on here, except for the fact that at the young age of three years old, Blake seems to know that you must wave like the queen when dressed up in white gloves. 


(My children make me laugh.)

Happy Thursday friends, have an odor free day! 


  1. That happened to me this Summer but we couldn't get it out. The thing ate though my baby's carseat strap, 3 pacis, ALL of my air vents, and made a huge hole in my back seat and then proceeded to die in a part of the car we couldn't get to.

    It took weeks for the smell to go and the damage is here to stay. Good think I have a way old car, but word to the wise, if there are mouse signs in your car GET IT OUT!

  2. I had mouse smell once. It was awful! LOVE the picture of the kids!

  3. ah yes, the bionic pregnancy nose! i'm glad you found the source and disposed of it! also, that picture is need to save it for high school graduation parties!

  4. Way to slethe out the rodant!! Totally laughed out loud at Blake that is hilarious!!! ( Coop may not like his friends to get wind of this pic however.)

  5. My daughter commented on Blake's necklace, and then queried, "Is that a girl? Or a boy?" I guess it is a little confusing. :)

  6. All Blake needs is a crazy hat and he would have fit right in at Will and Kate's wedding! Glad you got rid of the mouse.

  7. Glad you found that sucker. I HATE mice, they terrify me. My grandma took her car to the garage the other day because her fan tore up & was making a terrible noise. Come to find out there was a nest in it & 2 mice! Yep, she was seriously happy they found them before she did.

    That pic is priceless. Talking about blackmale when they get older LOL :)