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Brought to you by Windows 7!


We had a GREAT weekend. 

Friday afternoon I visited my parents to welcome them home from Hawaii, and scored in the "gifts from afar" department. A little birdie had mentioned to my mother that I was wanting burnt orange jewelry, and Mum not only found some awesome earrings and a bracelet, but a very cool necklace too. I have the best Mum!

(Watch for this Wednesday's "What I Wore" post to check 'em out because I've already worn them. Twice.)

(Also, the little birdie may have been me. Just hinting of course.)

Friday night I attended our Women's Fall bible study kickoff night and heard a great word from the guest speaker, enjoyed awesome praise and worship, ate a delicious cheesecake dessert, and only slightly embarrassed myself when I realized while worshiping with raised arms that I'd forgotten to put on deodorant that morning.

(Solution: lower arms to half-mast, carry on.)

My adorable friend Nicole drawing names for door prizes. I had to take a picture of her because she was looking extra cute and I'm jealous of her awesome bangs!
Saturday was a nice sleep-in, laze through breakfast, and then "let's get to work, people!" kind of day. I had the kids doing all sorts of chores while I cleaned my windows, did laundry, touch-up painted my living and dining room, and consequently evicted Blake to the outdoors where his father was working for not only touching the wet wall with his hand, but also his FOOT, which of course then walked all over my wood floor leaving little paint footprints. 

(You may think I never watch that child. But seriously, he was FIVE feet from me! He is a rascal.)

Around 4 pm we stopped working so we could get ready for our nephew's 13th birthday party that night, and about the same time my brother Jamin showed up. I don't talk a whole lot about my little bro on this blog, but it's not because he's not a major part of our lives. We just don't see him quite as much as the rest of the fam because he lives the busy social life of a bachelor. (But we're constantly trying to remedy that last part  ;)

Jamin stopped by to visit, have a very late lunch, catch us up on his latest going-ons, and then nonchalantly send Kendall out to his car to bring in a box from the backseat. A box containing a surprise belated birthday gift for Russ and I.

In the form of a BRAND NEW COMPUTER.

Jamin's sly grin at my shocked-to-pieces reaction. 
(Yes I have the best brother in the whole. wide. world.)  

We've been needing a new computer for a long time. So long in fact, that Jamin, a very tech savvy guy, started shopping for us months ago and would text us anytime there was a good deal going on. I would then try to convince Russell to get it, Russ would say our 7+ year old computer was just fine, and then I would wail and lament that nothing but a giant computer crash stealing all my pictures would be able to convince him. (Which didn't happen luckily, but it could have! It could have, babe!)

Basically, Jamin felt sorry for us. 

Well not anymore because, Oh ho ho, I now have Windows 7! And a dvd drive that works! And a computer that can keep up with video clips without freezing the picture so I can only hear the sound. Or freezing altogether and not working again until I shut the whole thing down and start over. It's quite magnificent. 

We love you, Jamin. Mountain man beard and all ;) You are the most generous, giving, faithful, and kind guy, and we are BLESSED to have you in our family. 

(Not too mention handsome to boot. And oh look! There's my new Hawaiian necklace! Thanks again, Mum!)

After playing with my new toy until Russ was sitting in the car with the kids honking the horn (it was hard to tear myself away but I did it), we set off for the b-day party, a special family and friends gathering for our nephew Sam's 13th. During the party there was a time of sharing wisdom and special encouraging words for him, kind of like a Christian Bar Mitzvah, and then all the men prayed over him before doing the dessert and presents. It was a really special and fun time.

telling our favorite "Sam" stories

the birthday boy
To wrap up the fun weekend, we went out to Claim Jumpers yesterday afternoon to celebrate Mum's birthday that we missed because she was in Hawaii. And you won't believe it but I didn't even order dessert! I was trying to avoid sugar but it ended up being kind of pointless after stopping at our friends open house on the way home and eating a piece and a half of caramel cake. Oh well, at least that was free.

This wasn't, but it was worth every penny! Yuuum. 

Happy birthday oh wonderful purchasers of the perfect color orange accessories!
And to top it all off, The Amazing Race premiered last night! I can tell It's going to be another excellent season.

So like I said, it was a GREAT weekend. Hope yours was as well.


  1. Wow, weren't you a busy little thing this weekend.

  2. Sound like a great weekend! I love burnt orange. :) The half mast comment was hilarious. :) And I love how you celebrated Sam... I want to do something special like that for my boys! :)

  3. Great over view Jod.
    p.s. Thanks for the great pic ;D I saved it.

  4. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!!! A new computer, that is some brother you have :)