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Barn Wedding


First: a phone update... we found it! "We" being my mother and I, although Mum was actually the one to spot it in the grass on the side of the road 100 yards from my house. We started at the END of the road (a mile away) and worked our way back towards the house so by the time we were that close we had about abandoned all hope. But there it was laying there, still turned on and working, with nary a scratch on the screen! (Yay otterbox case, you lived up to your name!)

Oh, were we jumping and hooting and hollering with excitement! I'm sure the neighbors were quite bewildered. So, thank you Jesus, and thank you Mum for giving up your morning to scour the countryside with me yesterday. You are my hero!

Now for the wedding. Last weekend Russ's cousin Kyle got married to his long time sweetheart and we attended their barn wedding which turned out to be the cutest thing you've ever seen.

The couple and their families spent 9 months restoring the old barn on the family property and it looked amazing

We sat on hay bales topped with floral print fabric during the ceremony - it was charming.
On the inside, where the reception was held, they built out decks on each end, added two washrooms, and had it decorated in a rustic and DARLING theme. I sadly did not take enough picture proof of this!

The cute couple...

Playing "corn in the hole".
The wedding was catered by The Markum Inn, a locally famous steak joint, and we were treated to BBQ chicken and ribs, which I was way too busy eating my two helpings of to take any pictures of, but I did snap the dessert spread.

And finally, before we left I had to take a picture of Russ with his Kraxberger cousins - he doesn't get to see them often but he really loves them.
Believe it or not, they all posed themselves. Well done, guys!
It was a great way to spend our Saturday afternoon and evening.


  1. After seeing pictures of other people's weddings I often want to go back and re-do my own. Or maybe I should just plan a lot of fancy themed parties. There must be a market for soirees like that, right? This was so charming!

  2. Amazing pictures Jodi, and the one of the cousins really touches me, AND that you were given your phone back.

  3. I love the barn !!..I've often thought how awesome it would be to have one like that ( one that you could use for multiple events that is.)neat pic of the cousins too ..looks like it was a excellent day for everyone :D

  4. Beautiful wedding! Glad you found your phone! Moms and Jesus are amazing! Did I miss the picture of what you wore to the wedding?

  5. You did! It was in Wednesday's what I wore post :)

  6. How sweet. :) Looks like a wonderful celebration... the barn is amazing.

  7. Hi Jodi, your blog is so cute. Thanks for the kind words about our wedding. It was nice to have you guys there. Sorry we didn't get to talk. If you would like to see more photos you can go to: