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Awkward, Awesome, and plain old Awful


- Taking your puppy with you to your friends house and having your dog barf on their living room floor. Not only awkward, but mighty unpleasant.
- Running out of toilet paper and not realizing it until company is over. Nothing like a "Please help yourself to the kleenex on the bathroom counter" to make you feel like the perfect host.
- Having people show up at your front door while still in your pajamas. This happened not once, but twice already just this morning. I'm on a roll!
- The wild goose chase I'm always led on when I mistakenly believe Blake when he tells me he knows where something is. Yesterday the whiteout that he ran giant lines of across my kitchen floor and up the wall disappeared (it's always an adventure around here.) Upon interrogation he fessed up to doing it and then said he put it in the freezer. We opened the door. "Where in the freezer?" He pointed to the shrink wrapped frozen pizza, "inside there". Oh okay, very helpful, bud.

- My friend Joni, who invited me over for the morning yesterday and announced excitedly when I arrived, "we're doing pedicures today!". Everybody needs a friend like that.
- The callus and heel treatment she gave me. My feet are now so soft and lovely!
- How well our three-year-olds played together. Awesome actually doesn't quite cut it, it was amazing!
- Blake's way of describing when in the past something happened (in this case he was blaming Miley for his underwear mysteriously appearing on the living room floor and telling me when the dog did it)... "she did it Fursday yesternight"
- This picture:
Mr. Ham.
- Hershey cookies and cream drops. (Just what I needed - another candy addiction!)
- The return of Survivor! Yeah, Fall TV!!

Plain old Awful:
- The movie I watched on Netflix yesterday afternoon with my friend Annie while we assembled brochure mailers for an upcoming Scrap event. Classic drama about a poor boy/rich deaf girl who fall in love against the odds, her controlling mother that stops at nothing to keep them apart, how they discover her schemes and find each other again, and then just when all is about to end triumphantly, BAM, he gets cancer and dies. Whaaaaa? Who writes these movies?!
- Losing my cell phone yesterday. My very expensive and non-insured cell phone. Not being able to find it ANY.WHERE. Realizing that I may have driven off with it on the roof of the car. Scouring the roadsides in the dark and coming up empty handed. So, so, soooo awful.

I'm praying for it to show up today. Wouldn't that be awesome


  1. Blake blaming the dog on his out of place underwear made me chuckle. I hope you find your phone.

  2. Oh Jodi, I hope you find your cell phone. I,too, would be heartbroken if I lost mine :(
    I laughed at all of your moments! Your life sounds as crazy and chaotic as mine lol :) Except for the dog throw up.. I don't have dogs but plenty of it from the kids.
    That picture was too funny!