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And it's not even Monday!


I have a terrible confession. 

Okay, maybe not terrible. 

Just terribly embarrassing.

Yesterday I called my Obgyn office to make an appointment for the lovely little required visit that is always so much fun, because I received a letter in the mail requesting me to do so. BACK IN MAY. I figured I'd dragged in out long enough and that the time to take the plunge of discomfort had come. 

Appointment made, I was on a roll so I called our family pediatrician's office next to schedule Blake's annual well child visit. The one he was supposed to have when he turned three. BACK IN MARCH. Turns out my call was quite timely as I just happened to have his two year appointment last September as well so I was right on course. 

(I'm such an awesome mom.)

The nurse on the phone asked me to verify my address and phone number and then asked me to verify Blake's birth date. And I don't know what happened, but I completely blanked.

Me: "March.... ummm... oh shoot, what was it... the 19th? No wait, that doesn't sound right... the 13th?... nooo...(fumbles around in purse for Blake's insurance card hoping the birth date is on it. No luck.)
Nurse: waits patiently for me to give it another go...
Me: "March.... March... OH MY GOSH, WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER???"
Nurse: "Does the TENTH ring a bell?"
Me: "YES, that's it! Oh my WORD. I have never been so embarrassed, I swear I know my children's birth dates!"
Nurse: "Mmm hmm."

Ok just kidding on the last part. The nurse laughed and tried to console me about my sad forgetfulness. But seriously, I was ashamed.

So ashamed that I lost all momentum and didn't call to schedule Blake's three year pictures, which was next on the agenda. 

Maybe next month ;) Until then, I'll have to look at adorable shots like this one taken by my friend Diana while camping last weekend.
Blake Carter, born March TENTH, 2008.
And repeat the caption underneath it over and over in my head...


  1. Love that shot...Black and white big somewhere would be perfect!

  2. Love your blog and
    all the extra photos on Facebook

  3. Diana couldn't have captured him better...soooooo cute!
    Good thing his Birth date is on record ha ha had to think hard for a minute myself.

  4. I did the same exact thing the other day. We are ammending our taxes and the tax lady asked for his birthday. First I said January but nope, it's July. Then she asked what year and I was like UH 2011...Nope 2010. Shew, he's still new I guess or that is my excuse anyway LOL!

  5. Bahaha, well I'll console myself with the fact that I was in the right month at least ;)

  6. Don't be so hard on yourself...half the time I can't remember my kids' name! Sheesh.

  7. I'm so laughing at you right now... and it totally sound like something I would do! Your anecdotes kill me! :) I accidentally joined a funeral procession today... AWKWARD!

    I don't even want to fess up to how long it's been since I made a Ob appt. :(

  8. Hahahaha! I can relate, only it was my own birthdate. The nurse asked me and I gave her one of my kid's birthdates. Then the other son's bd came to mind and I really had to think about mine. Took me a second, lol!

    I can never remember how many years we've been married and my hubby always says "How can you not remember that? I'm the guy and I'm the one who's supposed to forget."

    Is that black mirror attached to the wall for your WIWW pictures? I've tried a few pics in my kitchen but I have to put the mirror on a stool and then it's sort of crooked. If I set it on the floor it cuts off part of my upper torso.