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What I Wore Wednesday


You may remember that Last Wednesday I introduced our new puppy, Miley. 

Yesterday we ventured into town and took her with us, and before we knew it we had become those people. 
You know, the ones that carry their dog into a store with them bold as brass and set up their puppy all comfy-cozy with a blanket in the shopping cart, as if they were a human baby. 

Don't ask me how we got to that point in one short week folks, we are still shaking our heads at ourselves.

(And then we look at our sweet Miley and coo and baby talk and cuddle and kiss and realize we are lost causes. So we're just going to have to embrace it.)

On to the outfits...

mid-week church service
dress & sandals: Target, tee: Shade, leggings: Walmart, belt: old old old, bracelet: Goodwill
park date with Jana and the kids
tanktop: Walmart, skirt/belt: Maurice's, sandals: Target, bracelet: gift from Hawaii
day at the fair
top: thrifted, shorts: made from old jeans, sandals: Target, bracelet: Premier Designs
 We finally broke into the 90 degree temps! Almost thought we weren't going to make it this year...

top: Target, skirt: Goodwill (Ann Taylor Loft), wedges: Walmart, necklace: Claire's, bracelet: Premier Designs
After receiving a compliment on my outfit from a lovely lady at church, I told her thank you, and that I felt very Betty Draper. The lady asked who that was and I realized I had no idea. "Oh, someone from television... I think..." and then I felt quite foolish.

I'm thinking iconic 60's fashion figure/actress/TV character? Feel free to enlighten me. 

prayer group
cardy: Kohl's, top: yard sale (Banana Republic), jeans: Goodwill (Old Navy), hat & sandals: Target, bracelet: gift.
dress and necklace: thrifted, cami: Shade, sandals: Target, bracelet: Premier Designs.

And that's a wrap. I'm linking to:
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  1. Oh Jodi, just the cutest little thing and Blakie too...

    uh oh, those babies always steal the show!

  2. Those people... haha! :) Puppies just do that to you!!

    Love your chambray dress and that gray cardigan looks sooooo comfy and cute! And you look very awesome in your Sunday best! :) I don't know exactly who Betty Draper is either, but I'm pretty sure you have her vibe!

  3. Love your Monday casual and comfy! And your church outfit is beautiful! LOL at taking the puppy to the store with you. They really are a lot like an extra child. :)

  4. My favorites this week are your Target dress and Betty Draper look. Yes, you totally nailed that look. And she's January Jones's character on Mad Men (the blonde), so yup, iconic '60s clothes are her trademark. And now yours too.

  5. If my dog were a little more well behaved as a puppy, I totally would have took him in the store! Unfortunately... he barks too much!

    And I totally see the Betty Draper reference... and I don't really know who she is either! :)

  6. Lovin that chambray dress and the brown Target sandals...I have those too and LIVE in them.

  7. Cute as always, especially love the green tank/black skirt combo. Oh, and you look very Mad Men-esque in the black skirt/turq tank combo!!

  8. AHA, Mad Men. Thank you ladies! :)

  9. cute outfits. you look really cute in the hat!

  10. Sunday and Monday ( and pupy in cart ;D

  11. Very stylish, comfy, cute! I love your ensemble for Monday's prayer group, adorable!