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What I Wore Wednesday


Hi, Wednesday friends!

Nothing too exciting going on in the clothing department this week... in fact it was such a dud week of outfit cuteness that I added a couple of girlfriends to the lineup!

Meet my sister-in-law Cara, who recently started recreating her clothes, and turned an old pair of bootcut dress slacks into sassy matchstick pants! 
How cute are they, and how cute is she?!!
Her shirt was her father-in-law's, her pants were old, and I believe her belt and sandals were thrifted - and look what a trendy outfit she put together!
Then Kendall (who is now 10 and officially a "girlfriend" ;) joined the sewing bandwagon after receiving a new sewing machine for her birthday and, with a little help from her Grandma, sewed this skirt in a single day yesterday.
ready to enter the 4-H fashion review at the county fair this weekend!
(That's it, I'm practicing while she's asleep so I can join the club too!)

And on to my outfits, which there are only three of...
green tee: Shade Clothing, white tank: yard sale, Old Navy jeans and sandals: thrifted, bracelet: Premier Designs
entire outfit except necklace & sandals: thrifted. (Sandals: Target, necklace: Premier Designs)
top: Romy, skirt: thrifted, belt: Dressbarn, wedges: Target, bracelet: Premier Designs
Pairing the animal print belt with the floral patterned top on this last one was a stretch out of my comfort zone... but I really wanted to wear a skinny belt, and it's the only one I have! I think I liked it :)

I'm linking to Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy, head over for more outfit posts!


  1. Your daughter is adorable! Love the skirt she made, how I wish I had started sewing at 10 & not 26! ha! I'm sure she's already better than me ;) I love your first outfit, the colors are some of my favorites to wear!

  2. Those are some talented girlfriends you have, especially your daughter. That skirt is too cute!!! You may have only had 3 outfits this week but they were super cute at least. I had 7 and none were quite as fashionable as yours!

  3. I love the brown tunic, it's super cute. And your daughter's skirt is adorable. My oldest daughter is begging me to teach her to sew, need to get on that.

  4. Love your first outfit! And how adorable is your daughter!! Her first skirt is awesome, she must be really proud! Sewing is actually fairly easy, you should totally try it. I taught myself how to sew and don't forget that youtube is your friend, it'll teach you everything you need to know.

  5. Love Kendall's skirt & seeing Cara on there too what a sweet idea. I like that greenish color on the last outfit. A little out of your normal color choice isn't it?, you are really cute.

  6. Your daughter is so adorable! Love your denim capris in the 2nd outfit. I have a pair like that from my pre baby days that I'm still hoping to fit into. :)

  7. You have an adorable daughter and a super cool friend. Such talent!

    Love that thrifted jean skirt! I find thrifted denim fits better than new. I guess it's the washings?? Not sure, but it looks great on you.

  8. Love your sister-in-law's look! Really like your first outfit, very casual and cute!

  9. Your girlfriends are too cute!! I love that you thrift whole outfits and that skinny belt is great... I've been having fun with those lately, too. they are super inexpensive at F21.

  10. Loved your special guests and your casual cute tops and capris.

  11. I'd love to know how Cara did that ... I have bootcut jeans that I bought cause I like the wash better than others, but I don't really like my pants so wide at the ankles!!! cute outfits, as always!

  12. I want that brown dress...majorly want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You look great and your guests are awesome!


  13. awwww i love how it was a family affair!!!
    i could feel the love!

  14. ummm, i think the school district is trying to kill me...hahaha
    thank you for the sweet comment friend