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What I Wore Wednesday


Playing with my new baby smartphone... no time for idle chit-chat. 

(Unless you want to chat about my new phone that is. Or show me how to use it. That would be pretty sweet.) 

No? Just checking out my outfit attempts? 

Well on with the show then! 
Last Wednesday
(nursery duty at church)
top, skirt (Gap), and belt: thrifted, sandals: Target, husband: goofing off :)
In true Jodi fashion I got dressed for church 5 minutes before we were supposed to be there. No time for creative fashion - just threw on a past winner and ran out the door. 
Reason #57 why I'll never be a true fashion blogger.
(nephew's baseball game and thrifting extravaganza!)
tunic: BCBG outlet, shorts: jean cut-offs, tank: Walmart, flipflops: Fred Meyers, bracelets: Claires
(errands & brother-in-law's birthday party)
dress/swim cover: Goodwill, necklace: Van Heusen outlet, sandals: rummage sale, bracelet: Premier Designs, hair: trial run!
So the hairdo didn't actually make it out of the house...

I am a chicken.

dress: Goodwill (Mossimo), wedges: Famous Footwear, necklace & bracelet: Claire's
Channeling my inner Kendi!

(Not that I can find a picture of her in a similar outfit now that I actually just tried - for a solid 2 minutes, but it feels like something she would wear... or makes me think of her style... or something like that.)


(prayer group, phone shopping)
dress & bracelet: consignment store, leggings: Walmart, sandals: Payless, belt: oooold.

Annnd... DONE! Now back to my new toy :)

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  1. Oh, you looked great with the top bun!!

  2. Cute, cute, cute! Love the bun - you should definitely wear it out! You have some awesome consignment/goodwill/yard sale finds!

  3. Love the last outfit on you!

  4. You look great. I think you should have worn the hair out of the caught my eye immediately!

  5. Just love you in dresses and skirts!!! It's pretty hard to pick a favorite, but I love the red dress. Cute!

  6. Love your Mossimo dress... can I borrow? :) And I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one who wears cover ups as legit clothing. :)

  7. that mossimo dress is my favorite. you really score at the consignment store, jealous!

  8. You have a great style, I love it. I think the red & black with the leggings and the first denim skirt are my favorites!!!

  9. what? I cant believe you chickened out and didnt wear the bun! It looks great on you :)I'm loving your church outfit dress!

  10. oh man those brown wedges are i have said before i want your closet...can you ship it here please? ha!

  11. I love all the outfits! The good will dress is a super color on you and the last outfit with the leggings, VERY cute! And...I love the bun!


  12. Girls you are very convincing! Okay, I'll give the bun attempt another whirl ;)
    Thanks for all the awesome comments!

  13. Love the black dress and hair bun! I've got that same mossimo shirt dress in black...can't wait to wear mine, but it's been too hot!

  14. Cute new red dress Sunday outfit ..and actually every other should have braved the hair're cute enough to carry anything off.

  15. I totally see your resemblance to Kendi in that outfit! And I like the bun too... fake it till you make it next time you wear it!