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Practical joker


Yesterday the kids and I stopped at a garage sale (or five) while out running errands, and one of the things Cooper picked up was this little softcover book of kid's practical jokes.

He immediately read it cover to cover, came home on a mission, and has since tried almost every single one of them on us. In succession.

Luckily for me, I've been given a pretty good heads up to whatever the coming trick is by dead-giveaway questions such as, "Mom, where are the balloons?" or, "do we have a fake spider?" proceeded with, "this is going to be sooooo funny... no one come back to Mom's bedroom door/the bathroom door/Kendall's bed/dad's car yet!!" 

Quite sly, that kid.

It is hilariously cute. 

And also the reason why it was so funny when this guy actually got me!

(Only because I barely saw him from the corner of my eye as he FLUNG down at me when I opened the bathroom door.)

On close inspection it appears to be taped onto the door trim with CHEWED GUM. Niiice.

Time to take a litle looksey-loo at that book to see exactly what else might be called for as a prop in the instructions!


  1. Too funny!..that is one pretty sharp looking bat by the way...nice one Coop.. I think you should try these out on Gramma H. ;D

  2. That is hilarious. I love practical jokes when I am the player NOT the victim!

  3. It sounds like he's having a great time!