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Occasional hillbillies


Last Sunday night Russ took the kids, Kendall's friend Sarah, and our oldest nephew Ben down to the creek behind our church for a little crawdading fun (that's crawfishing to the layman).

(Alright, neither of those terms are real words. But they should be.)

Crawdading: (verb) the act of catching crawdads (freshwater crustaceans); either with traps, or more commonly, your bare hands - at the risk of multiple fingers and toes.  

(from Jodi's New Country Dictionary)

After catching 120 of the little guys within an hour, they brought them home in buckets and we used our new outdoor crab pot/turkey fryer to cook them and have an outdoor crawdad feed!

Blake wasn't so hot on the "holding a live crawdad" idea.
great $25 garage sale find
Russ and Ben taught the kids and I the fine art of cracking open the shell to get the tail meat, which we dipped in melted butter before chowing down.

It was a lot of fun, though I couldn't help but wonder if we were on a show like Swamp People if city folk would shake their heads at us and be grossed out.

And as you can see I was really bothered by that thought ;)

Still, I feel the need to tell you that last night we ate out at a country club, sitting on the back verandah looking over the golfing greens while enjoying steak, prawns, and BBQ ribs, with creme brulee for dessert.

The Farmstead Inn at Arrowhead Golf Course
So we're not ALL hillbilly. 


  1. You must live somewhere close to me! I totally know what crawdadding is, my daughter loves it. Nothing wrong with being a little hillbilly on occassion. Just the other day I posted 4-wheeling (aka muddding) pictures and wondered the same thing.

  2. Wow, free food in the creek? Love it! What do they taste like? I'd think maybe a crab/lobster mix? I've seen those at the Chinese buffet but I've just never tried them. And those ribs look delish!!

  3. ...they're "Crawlies!" ;D..and what a haul. Boy the turkey frier was a perfect way to cook them..that puppy's paid for itself already!. Love the close up of you and Russ too. You guys are so much fun.

  4. 1. How is that I'm your sister, who has been on MULTIPLE camping & fishing adventures with you, and known your husband for almost 20 years and STILL have never eaten a crawdad???? I feel a little left out!

    2. LOVE Blake's face in that first group shot... I don't know that I could have got Hayden to hold one if he thought for one second he would be pinched.

    3. I'm laughing that eating at Arrowhead counts as a "Country Club". Lucky for you only Molalla-ians will realize this does not help with the hillbilly status!

  5. Kelly, #3 soooooooo funny! Sorry Jodi she is totally right!!

  6. Wow! That is a serious crawdad feast!! :) I went crawdadding at Jr. High camp... great memory! :)

  7. Listen, TRICIA AND KELLY, The Farmstead Inn is fine eating and anyone that's been there lately will tell you so! Humpff! ;) In fact, I felt quite spiffy eating there, especially over the course which was BEAUTIFUL, plus all the other men eating there were wearing polos! So that just shows you how wrong you are. :)

  8. Love the banter about the Farmstead. And yes Jodi, most places would require all men to wear a collared shirt to golf or eat at the restaurant. So obviously Russ has some unknown clout that got him in with flip flops on! Love ya Russ! ...Now socks with sandals... you would of been turned away at the door! ;)

  9. HAHA Sarah, you know I wouldn't have gone with him if he wore those (again!)

  10. Hahaha! When I was a little girl we had crawdad races in the kitchen with our dad. I don't remember much else about it but apparently my mother either never knew or wasn't horrified about it happening in the kitchen, lol!