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Monday confessional - Eeevil me


If you were to ask me, I'd say I'm a pretty happy and upbeat person. Not prone to pessimism, gloominess, or cases of the blues; I wake up chipper, am up for anything fun, and always optimistically hope for the best (especially when it comes to things like the budget, which I mess up more frequently than I'd like to admit). 


I will confess that if I get too tired I can turn into a regular ol' grumpy-pants. 

And if that ever gets combined with a bad case of "it's that time of the month so DON'T MESS WITH ME!", things can get a bit ugly. 

And if you take that combo and add to it me getting my hopes up for something very exciting (like buying a fancy new phone with bells and whistles, for example) and then my hopes getting dashed to the ground (because we arrived at the store only to find it closed early because it's Sunday, and someone didn't do their homework and look up the store hours before leaving the house, for example), you suddenly have a case of "EEEVIL JODI".

Evil Jodi pouts and complains. Evil Jodi is very short with you when you suggest anything she doesn't want to do. In fact, she'll probably be quite rude and tell you your ideas are stupid. Not quite outright of course, because she was brought up with good manners, but in so many words that you get the drift. 

And then she's likely to give you the silent treatment.

She will NOT make you a fruit smoothie. She will NOT sit and watch the A-Team movie with you even though she loved it the first two times. And how DARE you suggest she is having a bad attitude! That's it - she's leaving you to your own entertainment and going to simmer in her NON-stinky-thank-you-very-much attitude in the bedroom!

I'm afraid to say Evil Jodi does not have very good self-control over her emotions. At all.

Luckily for her me, I married Captain Awesome, who doesn't blames me when I'm dealing with the deadly combination described above and is instead very patient and enduring, until I put myself to bed for the benefit of all, when I'm sure he heaves a giant sigh of relief to have escaped my presence.

It's a good thing Evil Jodi doesn't come out very often.
Myself in happier times, aka, at the pool with the fam earlier yesterday afternoon ;)


  1. Yay!! Captain Awesome caved and you don't have to wait until November for your fancy new phone!!

  2. It's true! He should get a movie deal, I say ;)

  3. Hey, we didn't see you at the pool Sunday afternoon? Are you sure "Evil Jodi" is telling the truth?

  4. Haha, eeevil Jodi is not prone to lying! We didn't go till 3:30 pm.