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A married dialog


Remember the crawdad feed we had a couple of weeks ago? The one where we boiled 120 crawdads in our new crab pot on the back porch? 

After the boiling water was empty of the cooked crawdads, I watched Russ take the pot and walk out several feet into our yard. Seeing where this was going I quickly tried to intervene...

Me, alarmed: "Don't dump the water in the grass, Babe, it will kill it!"

Russ, scoffing: "No it won't. Grass can handle a little hot water."

Me, now also scoffing, but refraining from calling my husband crazy: "No it can't, it'll make it die."

Russ, pouring out water anyway: "It'll be fine..."

Me, in annoying sing-song voice: "No it wo-ooont..."


I'm sure you can guess what happened.

"The Spot"
That's right, two days later I walked out to find this lovely patch of completely dead grass. 

Dead as dead can be.
Now, I'm not a grass nazi and I don't really care that there's a dead spot, our lawn is huge and it's just one spot. What I DO care about is being right, and making sure my husband knows it ;)

So of course I had to lay out on a blanket with a book in the nearby shade so that when Russ came home and walked over to talk to me I could kindly point it out to him in. 

Russ: "Hi, honey, whatcha doing?"

Me: Oh, just hanging out. Hey babe, notice anything peculiar when you look around?

Russ (glances around quickly): "Ummm...  OH, niiiice." (laughs sheepishly)

Me (grinning wickedly): "Not to tell you I told you so or anything, but um, I TOLD YOU!!!"

And Russ had no comeback. 

And then we held hands and talked about our day and all was right in the world.

Because the lady is always right :)


  1. Are you sure that isn't just another spot Blake went pee?

  2. Ha, if pee killed grass like that I'd definitely be in trouble, with 3 boys in the house!

  3. Don't you just love it when your right?

  4. That is one of the best stories I've heard in a long time, lol...

  5. Whoops! It'll grow back, right? :)