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Makin' me happy


- Finding my daughter lost in the world of reading on a warm summer evening.

- Starbucks coconut white mochas (nonfat, single shot, no whip, perfect). I believe I've talked about these before. I may have a problem.

- Online shopping for our soon-to-be-completed master bath to get design ideas... oh the possibilities!

- Our new puppy - she is the snuggliest, cuddliest, sweetest thing!

- The warm weather. I am not one of those "Fall is my favorite season" kind of girls. I'm all about SUMMER! (Which means I am very much dreading back to school in another week and a half.)

- Celebrating this guy's 34th birthday today.

 Happy birthday, husband! I wrote you a poem!

You are sexy, smart,
and sweet
You have really gigantic feet
 (It's true, he does. Size 13!)
You are my hero
in so many ways,
so I guess the big socks can stay.
(turned right-side-in of course, 
IN the laundry hamper ;)

- Leaving for a much anticipated vacation... today! Sunriver, here we come!

- The giant zit that developed smack dab in the middle of my forehead the day before leaving for vacation. Oh wait, that does NOT make me happy! (Or attractive!)

No matter, I shall ignore it and enjoy the next 5 days of vacation awesomeness... Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Miley is a digger
    a cotton-tail is bigger
    Her white paws got black in the dirt She loves 'Grouchy Bob' but he wants her hurt...
    ...or so he says.

    Russ gets his feet size from his... um um Dad!

  2. Happy Birthday to your hunny!

    My daughter loves to read; I find her alot with her nose in a book. I am really glad that she loves to read!

    Have a nice rest of the weekend!


  3. Hee, love the poem! Enjoy vacation!!

  4. Alright, I just sat here for about 2 minutes trying to make up a poem to write as a comment. My brain is smoking and I give up. Hope you are having a great vacation, I love Kendall, and think Russ is cool. Oh wait, a poem is coming to me!!!!!

    Don't worry about the big zit,
    It won't ruin your vacation a bit,
    Just sit back and relax with your big strong man,
    ... and enjoy your mocha as much as you can!

  5. Happy Birthday Russ.
    I'm a bit late for the big date
    - make it up to you, in a day or two
    better still ,the Birthday girl,
    can share the fun - rule of thumb
    so rest your feet, life is sweet,
    I'll take the heat...let's go OUT to eat.!! ;D

  6. You guys are awesome! Laughing so much right now.
    (Except Tim, Russ says "big strong man? Buy she's with me!" ;)