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The Help


Saw it.

Loved it. 

Cried a bajillion tears.

 With TWENTY girlfriends.

(If you're going to cry and laugh out loud all movie long, why not do it with a bunch of other women who are all doing the exact same thing?)

Those of us that read the book first...
And some of those that didn't (but still LOVED the movie).
How a little word of mouth can go a loooonngg way - almost everyone who went.
Had one of the best girls nights out Eva

Yogurt Shack helped ;)

(And let's be honest, so did the Breaking Dawn movie trailer... woohooo!)


  1. We are lookin' Good...and that 'Breaking Dawn' is my cup o tea!
    Gary won't be going to see it. He was soooo embarrassed to be seen watching at the last one, he was scrunching down in his seat. He said he was teenage-soap-opera-angst-ed out! Made me promise not to tell he went to see it with me...heeeheeeeheeee

    Thank you for last night Jodi and Jana...Kind of like a healthy Rave event.

  2. Thank you for the invite, I am glad I got it even though I was not one of the "book readers" And I like I got a little too excited for the breaking dawn preview!!!! Maybe another girls night?!
    Lots of FUN!!!!!!

  3. How fun!! I don't even know 20 girls to go to the movie with! :)

    I was wondering how it was, I have been wanting to read the book too. I may not go to the movie if I'm going to cry; I hate that I am a big time crier!

    Take care!

  4. Count me in on the Breaking Dawn GNO. And thanks Jodi for mentioning the movie...or maybe I eves-dropped...I don't know for sure. But thanks for letting me come! :)

  5. That looks incredibly fun! Have you read the book? I keep thinking I should read the book first. I just finished "One Day" and it will be out soon!

  6. How fun!! I was going to go with a group tonight, but I don't think I'm quite feeling up to it. My sweet husband said he'd take me though! Isn't he awesome! :)

  7. so much fun ... and yah - I bet the Breaking Dawn trailer is longer than the one online??? I just bought the book (the Help) and want to see the movie too!