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Hello from Sunriver


We're nearing the end of our stay here in Sunriver... and as always I'm starting to get the "I don't want the vacation fun to end" blues.

It has been an excellent trip.

Multiple bike rides
3 turns down the waterslide
1 nose full of water
2 trips to Goody's ice cream parlor
1 shopping trip to Bend
3 late nights of games, movies, and hot tubbing
1 loooong trip down the lava caves
Too many lemon cream bars (if that's even possible)
One of the best vacations ever.

And 1 more day to go :)

(Grainy shots courtesy of my cell phone!)


  1. Such a fun vacation! I think our families enjoy many of the same things! It is so hard to come back to reality, huh?

  2. I can feel the 'aaaahhh' from here. Love the little guy in the cage.

  3. Looks like tons of fun! Russ has big pecs!

  4. any lemon bars over? ..

  5. Yes Linda it IS hard to come back!
    Sorry Mum but no, I made sure of that.