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Awkward & Awesome Thursday


1. Wandering outside in my shorty short pj's first thing in the morning to take the dog potty, and not noticing the Christmas tree workers trimming trees at the edge of my backyard until I was within 20 feet of them. With no bra on. Awkward, awkward, awkward.

2. Answering the door and talking to the drywall guy coming to give us a bid for our house addition and then checking to see how I looked in the mirror afterwards and making this unhappy discovery:
Nothing like a clip-on tie to spruce up your lounging tee.
Apparently Blake clipped this on me when he was climbing all over me like a monkey and I never noticed (I was on the computer and not paying very much attention. Obviously.) Stop laughing... this was very embarrassing, people!

3. Fiber One brownies. Not the eating of them, or the taste, which is unfortunately darned good for only 90 calories, but the after-effects. 
And If you're not sure what I refer to, just look at the first word in the name and take a wild guess. I'll leave it at that. (I would have to buy the giant box of them at Costco too!) 

1. Our master suite addition finally getting worked on again after a very lengthy hiatus due to THE TEETH WORTH MILLIONS. (Not really, maybe worth a year of college?). Yay for the end being in sight!

2. The glass subway tile I picked out for our bathroom back splash. There will be pictures next week hopefully... soooo excited about it!

3. Russ going to pick up this sweet bike trailer we found advertised for $50.00 on Craigslist (which is a great deal), and bringing it home for $35.00 :)  
Perfect for Sunriver!
The man has a gift, I tell ya.


  1. oh my word...that tie pic had me laughing out loud! Gotta love kids :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can not WAIT to see the tie in next weeks WIWW post... :)

  3. The tie story made me chuckle.

  4. My kids threaten bodily harm if I by fiber one bars again...seriously worse than chili.

  5. Ha Ha- Your necktie is adorable! I imagine it was embarassing but you gotta admit, it's funny.

    Cool bike trailer. We bought our son a seat this past summer & I'm hoping to find a trailer for next year. He loves to bike ride :)

  6. The tie incident made me laugh so hard!! :)

    And great score on the bike trailer! Those things are great! :)

  7. Bwahahahaha! I love it! I suppose the drywall guy has seen worse and at least you put on a tie for him!

    I went shopping at the mall with my tank top inside out and no one in my family noticed.....including me.

    ~ Nan

  8. Oh, I forgot to tell you that a friend of mine works at an office and the women there (including her) were all eating those fiber brownies.

    The boss actually put out a memo asking them to not eat those at the office anymore, lol!