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Awkward & Awesome Thursday


1. Kendall's piano teacher calling at 8:00 pm to reschedule a lesson for the following morning and after saying, "yes, that works perfect for us", promptly forgetting all about it and not showing up the next day. When we were at home doing nothing. Sometimes I suck at being a mom.
2. That moment when you realize you have just "overshared" in the most supreme way. This is known as the "awkward-doubler"... unfortunate for both parties involved!
3. Another doubler - when an unexpected visitor shows up at 6:30 in the evening and your children tell them that mommy and daddy are having "alone time in the bedroom". There is pretty much no way to save your dignity in an occasion like this, no matter how fast you jolt out of that room.
4. Attempting to save it anyway, only to be greeted with... "well that was bad timing on my part!" by said visitor. Okay, how about we ALL pretend nothing was going on, alright?!!
5. Please see #2 - I may have just repeated it.

1. My new phone. Yes, I'm still going on about it and I'm not ashamed. It rocks my socks.
2. Waffles with butter and powdered sugar instead of syrup. YUMMM.
3. Our weather lately. Low to mid-80's, clear skies, and minimum humidity; the perfect trifecta for sending your kids outside ALL. DAY. LONG.  
4. Compliments from my husband, the best complimenter in the world. He is not one for generalization, but will go into great detail and make you feel 100% amazing. Example: after speaking at church last night (something I was really nervous about), Russ didn't just tell me I did a great job, but said things like: "you know, it's pretty amazing how smooth your voice is, it's really calming." and, "Not many people having speaking voices like that, it actually makes the room stop and listen." There was more too, but I don't remember the rest because I pretty much curled up and purred after that.
5. Long lost friends finally moving back home... welcome back Justin & Joni!!!


  1. These posts are always so much fun to read. I litterally chuckled at the alone time comment. That would so be something my kids would say! Your awesome list makes me jealous, cooler temps & a smooth talking hubby. You have it all this week girl! By the way, if forgetting an appointment makes you a bad momma, I'm in BIG trouble!

  2. Oh my word! That 'alone time in the bedroom' story is hilarious. I'm sure it was VERY awkward, but I bet you were doubled over laughing about it later :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh about awkward! LOL :) The alone time one cracked me up! And your hubby is so compliments that really get the core of who you are. :)

  4. Yeah, the bedroom one was awkward. Next time lock the front door and instruct the kids not to answer the door. And what a sweet husband!

  5. Too, too funny! Thanks for the much needed morning laugh!

  6. BA HA HA HA... followed by some more laughing, and then general snickering as I remember bits and pieces of this story throughout the morning.

    Your blog needs to come with a warning: DO NOT READ IF YOU'RE EATING OR DRINKING, as my cereal exploded out of my mouth all over my laptop at Awkward #3 this morning.

  7. Laughing out loud over here--you are too funny!!

  8. Thanks for the comments you guys - I love them!! :)

  9. Awesomely Hilarious Jod ...gotta love it.