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Yard sales are fun to shop at, not throw.


I'm a good 12 days behind in recapping most of the summer events that have been going on around here... the ones I promised I would talk about LAST Friday.

And I have pictures! LOTS of pictures!

But I'm also in the middle of setting up a giant yard sale because yes, it's happened again.

(And no, I'm not any better prepared than last time.)

So, to keep the wedded bliss that I now enjoy, I'm going to skip a cozy evening blogging at the computer in my nice warm house, and spend a cold and potentially mosquito ridden evening pricing items outside in the dark, instead.

I will leave you with a quick Blake story though, because they're always entertaining:

While checking out at the grocery store today, Blake informed the elderly gentleman bagging our groceries (in an unfortunately clear and loud voice), "You're fat!".

I died.

The end.


  1. Oh man, yard sales are so much work! My mom just had one a couple of weekends ago and I went over to help her - and still don't like to throw 'em :/

    My son has made a similar comment like that. He told a lady in front of us to move her "big butt outta the way". So embarrassing and I sympathize :(

  2. O.k. people, just say it plain: throwing a garage sale sucks!! You know my dreaded story. Erik will never again mention garage sale in our house if he wants to enjoy "wedded bliss":)
    Holy cow, Blake!!!

  3. Haha Trisha, I love your comment! O Blake, I bet you you couldn't get out of that store fast enough lol