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What I Wore Wednesday


This past week has been 10 kinds of fun. 

Family in from New Zealand, gorgeous WARM weather, making fresh-picked strawberry freezer jam with my daughter, celebrating my 2nd favorite holiday of the year over a 3-day weekend, the list goes on.

And tonight I get to see Mary Poppins on Portland's Broadway! Really, July could not get any better.

Last Wednesday
dress: thrifted, cardy: Old Navy, sandals: Fred Meyers, belt: yard sale, necklace: Claires
Don't really love this outfit, looking at it again. I think it's the necklace... too coordinated?

(bridal shower)
top: resale shop, skirt: Goodwill (Gap), belt: rummage sale, sandals: Target, bracelet: Maurice's
Now this outfit, I love. Like love, love.

(friend's for dinner)
tank: Old Navy, capris: Costco (Calvin Klein), flipflops: Fred Meyers, bracelet: Premier Designs
Sunday morning
top: Target clearance, skirt: had so long I can't remember, wedges: thrifted (Style & Co), bracelets: Premier Designs & resale shop, necklace: etsy (Sariejune)
Also loved this outfit. A LOT. Two winners in one week - woohoo!

Sunday evening
top: yard sale (Banana Republic), jeans: Old Navy, boots: thrifted (Steve Madden - $6!), belt: rummage sale, bracelet: Goodwill
Picked this top up for .75 cents at a garage sale on the way home from church. I call that a divine appointment. Hardy-har ;)

(parade! BBQ! Happy Independence Day!)
tank: Old Navy, cami: Diviine Modestee, shorts: made from old denim gouchos (Donna Longo), sandals: rummage sale, jewelry: Bass outlet
See those cute shorts I'm pointing at? The morning of the Fourth I decided to make them out of old denim gauchos (circa 2006 - their time had come and gone), and even IRONED AND HAND-STITCHED the rolled hem. This does not happen, people!

I was completely inspired by several ladies from recent WIWW posts, and so pleased with the results (and lets be honest, myself) that I texted at least 3 friends, and even pulled out one of my new words from blogland - "repurposed". It was a proud day indeed!

(Although now that I think about it they probably don't fit under that category since they are technically still carrying out the same purpose. Dang.)

Have a great week, all! Linking to 
pleated poppy


  1. Cute outfits! I love the church outfit and the rodeo outfit! Jodi girl, you are getting SKINNY! :) You must be working hard at WW.

  2. THANK YOU for posting that turquoise/black outfit. I have the same top from Target and love it, but am always perplexed on whether to wear a necklace with it (and never have). But it looks amazing, so I'll totally try one next time. :)

  3. So cute again! My favorites are you rodeo outfit, and that first dress, even though you didn't like it so much! Ya for repurposing, and yay for Mary Poppins... I'm trying not to be jealous! :)

  4. I really love the first outfit and you did an awesome job on the shorts!

  5. I agree, love the first outfit. It looks great, coordinated but not overdone.

    Also, your church outfit is super pretty.

  6. Cute outfits all around. You are looking so great! {are you dieting/exercise? share the secret!}

    p.s. - the shorts are totally repurposed :)

  7. You look so cute in everything, as usual. I love the rodeo outfit and the Fourth of July outfit is adorable as well (they ALL are).

    Love the church one too, the bottom ruffle on the skirt is so cute!

  8. Thank you girls, you are awesome! I feel better about outfit #1 now :)

    Abby I'm doing both... Weight Watchers and exercising (although the latter has been pretty hit and miss the past month). I'm in a wedding this Saturday - it's been very motivating!

  9. Cute, love both skirt outfits! And great job on the shorts!

  10. love the etsy necklace. i have one just like it, so pretty!

  11. I love them all, Jodi! I LOVE that top that you wore to the shower, SO pretty! The repurposed shorts, super cute, I need some shorts, I should look around to see if I have anything to repurpose! :)

    You look great and skinny as always this week!


  12. Thursday ..way cute ( love the new top) Sunday..awesome..Monday ..way to repurpose!!..they look great and I love the top combo with them.

  13. Jodi, you did great on the denim shorts. Very very impressed. I sure love your outfits, but day Thursday and Sunday night rodeo outfits are my favorites. Great find on the steve madden cowboy boots. Oh I love a fun pair of cowboy boots.

  14. Oh my goodness - good job on those shorts. And I think you can get away with the term "repurpose" since they went from pants to shorts (it's different, right?!).

  15. Great job on the shorts! I LOVE your Sunday outfits! The turquoise top is just SO pretty and I love your Rodeo-goin outfit ;)

  16. I love me some cut off shorts (or hemmed shorts)! Good for you! and they are totally repurposed!
    Your church outfit is so cute, great color combinations and i love the little detail at the bottom of the skirt!
    Very cute :)