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What I Wore Wednesday - my one year anniversary!


It's official. 

I've been participating in WIWW for an Entire. Year. Now. 

If you go back to my first ever What I Wore post, you'll see that part of the reason I even started blogging was so I could participate in Lindsey's weekly link party - I enjoyed reading it that much!

And I've enjoyed doing it even more. Looking back over the 300+ outfit pictures I now have on my computer, it's pretty fun to see the slow growth of my style... not just in the actual getting dressed daily (which was the initial point, and turned out to be hugely successful), but in the trends I've tried and picked up on and the better sense of my own style that I've gained.

After the first couple of months I worried that I'd soon run out of clothing options and would start re-wearing all the same outfits, making the picture-taking kind of pointless. Even over the past few months I've thought the same thing several times. But you know what? I keep coming up with new outfits/combinations all the time, and I'm finding that my little shopping purchases here and there (the ones I always wish could happen more often and involve more spending money) have turned out to be more than enough to refresh my wardrobe and keep me feeling like I have something cute to try.

So yay for WIWW! And thank you, Lindsey, for keeping it up yourself so I can continue joining in.  (And all you other awesome ladies too, who link up and give me outfit inspiration on a weekly basis!)

And now, despite all that I just rambled on about regarding my emerging style and so on, I give you what could possibly be the shortest and most boring week of outfits ever! (Except #2. That one I liked :)
1. Last Wed - evening church service
shirt: Ross, shorts: cut off jeans, sandals: Target.

(Insert photo break for prepping and running a yard sale, and then recovering from a yard sale.)
2. Monday - grocery shopping & evening parenting class.
Dress: Target, tee: Shade, scarf: Maurice's, belt: OLD, leggings: Walmart, sandals: rummage sale.
3. Tuesday - workout with a friend.
running jacket: Nike (yard sale), yoga capris: Costco, tennies: Addidas (Nordstrom Rack)

In honor of a year of WIWW posts, I thought it would be fun to recap some of the new things I tried during the last 12 months... things I tried because of the inspiration I got from other What I Wore posts.

First belted cardy, first scarf worn as a summer accessory, first flower pin.

 First skinny jeans, first belted tunic and first layered necklace, first maxi dress.

First leggings with a dress, first belted button-down shirt and first riding boots, first riding boots with a skirt.

First belted vest, first brown/black combo (this was BIG for me!), first infinity scarf. 

First checkered shirt and first shirt under a buttoned cardy, first shirtdress, first summer type dress over tights for a winter outfit.

First fabric flower necklace.

 First flower pin attached to scarf (directly from Lindsey's scarf tying tutorial :)

First open toe bootie style wedge.

First dress over non-skinny style jeans, first "fancy" necklace over denim shirt, first belt tied differently than the normal way.

 First jeans made into shorts!
First floral top (since 9th grade ;), first "bright" accessory with different bright colored clothing item (don't know quite how to describe this right... normally I would have worn a brown or silver necklace with this outfit - to match either my belt or shoes. So this was new for me!) And finally, first blouse/shirt tucked in to a pencil skirt.

I'd say I've learned quite a lot this past year! 

I know fashions and trends are always changing, and my goal isn't to be current with whatever trend is "in" right now, but rather try things out and see what I like and what fits into my sense of style while actually being a good look for my body. (Hello belted waists, goodbye  bulky knit sweaters.) Participating in this weekly link up has been a great way for me to do just that, and the cool thing is I had no idea that would happen when I joined in last July as a way to motivate myself to get out of my sweats (and into my bra ;).

So check out What I Wore Wednesday and get some inspiration for yourself! I highly recommend it :)
pleated poppy


  1. Your last paragraph is exactly why I write a style blog - so that people can figure out what works for themselves in the midst of all the trends, rather than just wearing what they see on a mannequin. I think you always look great!!

  2. WIWW is a pretty cool experience, right?? I was driving this morning thinking about doing a combo post like yours, but it's kinda exactly the same. Many of the trends I would never have attempted in the past have been huge successes thanks to WIWW and fellow blogger inspiration.

    You look just wonderful. My fave this week is outfit #2 also. Looks so cute.

    Happy 1 year!

  3. Wow! Way to go! I'm super impressed by all the styles you have tried in the past year! Congrats on making it 1 rock! :)

  4. THAT POST ROCKED! I love seeing all the new things you tried...I love checking out your outfits each week. You go girl!


  5. a great year for you Jodi. Way to persevere and encourage some of us to join in.:) You're a true inspiration.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Loved the "flashbacks", they are all great!

  7. Wow... you have serious dedication!! Happy Anniversary! I love how you've been inspired and played around with your wardrobe! You've inspired me, too! :)

  8. Wow...Happy Anniversary!! I loved the def. have worn some really cute outfits. Love it!! I still need to try the belt with cardi thing! Love your style!!


  9. Wow..a year of amazing "firsts" for you Got to love your latest..the Nike jacket ..looking hot ..alamode ;D

  10. Happy Anniversary! You are too cute! Loved all of the outfits!

  11. Great post and love all of your clothes!

  12. Wow, what a year full of cool styles!!! SO glad you've stuck with it lady...looking forward to may more from you!